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This is the page about the turtle. For other uses, see Tony (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with Patrick Star's house or Rocky.
Take a little off the top... of my shell!
— Tony, in the episode, "Shell Games"

Tony is a sea turtle who appears in the episode "Shell Games."


Tony is a sea turtle who has brown hair, brown eyebrows and a few chest hairs. He wears a tank top and white shorts with red polygons on them. He also has a golden tooth and usually wears black sunglasses with dark brown shades. His shell is light green with dark green spots. Tony speaks in a Brooklyn accent.

Role in episode

It’s revealed that Patrick's rock is really Tony's shell covered in unknown brown crud for 30 years due to him oversleeping. When he wakes up, he heads to Goo Lagoon to meet the lady turtles he was supposed to meet there 30 years ago, only for Patrick to lift him and his shell up and toss him back to Conch Street. He tries to get Patrick to leave his shell, but he refuses, so Tony decides to take him with him while going to Mel's Man Salon and the Bikini Bottom Bath House.

He finally meets the two lady turtles at Goo Lagoon only for them to notice Patrick and ignore Tony. This angers him and he finally decides to get rid of Patrick once and for all. But they end up getting into a fight that causes Tony's shell to spin around Bikini Bottom, nearly destroying half the city.

The shell finally crashes into a large rock which shatters it to pieces. Seeing how they are both homeless, Tony and Patrick apologize to each other before Patrick gets an idea: The two decide to share Squidward's house, which lets Tony regain the attention of the ladies and have a new home. At the end of the episode, a protesting Squidward chases his house.


  • Tony is the first sea turtle to appear in a SpongeBob SquarePants episode. His species was previously mentioned in "Chum Caverns" and several sea turtles were present in Kash Krab.
  • Unlike real sea turtles, he does not have flippers, making him look more like a tortoise.
    • Also, his shell is bigger than the others.
  • This is Bobby Cannavale's second animated role, with the first being in the movie Ferdinand.