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"Tomfoolery" is a production track composed by David Snell. It usually plays when a character, typically SpongeBob, Patrick, or (especially) Squidward, does something funny. The instruments played in this piece include the piano, piccolo, trumpet, xylophone, trombone, and tuba.



  • This APM track has become the main subject of the viral "I put SpongeBob music over x" videos on the internet.
  • Similar to the previous fact, this track has been popular as background music for YouTube videos.
  • Ever since its introduction, season 8 is the only season in which this track does not play.
  • This production track appeared on a game show called ''Animal Crack-Ups'', while Alan Thicke showed some celebrities the Siamese Fighting Fish.
  • Between "Karate Star" and "Pineapple Invasion," this track took 6 years to return.
  • "The Camping Episode" is the only episode that this track plays at its fullest.
  • This APM plays at 82 beats per minute.

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