"Tomfoolery" is a production track with two versions, one composed by David Snell, and the other composed by Nicolas Carr. It usually plays when a character, typically SpongeBob, Patrick, or (especially) Squidward, does something funny. The instruments played in this piece include the piano, piccolo, trumpet, xylophone, trombone, and tuba.

This APM plays at 82 beats per minute.


David Snell version

Nicolas Carr version


  • This APM track has become the main subject of the viral "I put SpongeBob music over x" videos on the internet.
  • Ever since its introduction, season 8 is the only season in which this track does not play.
  • This production track appeared on a game show called ''Animal Crack-Ups'', while Alan Thicke showed some celebrities the Siamese Fighting Fish.

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