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Tom is a robot who appears in the episode "My Leg!"


He is a light blue, cylindrical robot. His arms and legs are dark blue, and his feet are large and flat. He has a curly, black mustache and wears a brown Fedora with a green stripe, and a dark pink necktie. He also has light yellow eyes.

Role in episode

He is used by the doctor to make Fred think that a robot leg is awful after the doctor said that if he broke his leg again, he would be having a robot one instead of a normal one. Tom comes back when Fred is about to hurt his leg by a train, where he stops the train and tells Fred not to hurt his leg. SpongeBob however offers him his own leg, which makes Tom happy. He compliments saying that it is better than his old one, but that causes him to have an ambulance come and take him to the hospital.


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