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Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

"Tips for Jellyfish Fields" is a SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob's Last Stand short. In this short, the narrator tells some simple guidelines for a visit to Jellyfish Fields.



In the beginning of the short, the narrator specifies how to make a trip to Jellyfish Fields. He first advises to always pack lightly. Patrick grabs a jellyfish net, picks himself up, and puts himself in a suitcase.

Then, he says, "Dispose of litter, properly." SpongeBob sees litter, yells "Gadzooks!," becomes a trash can, flips the world, and the litter "falls" on him.

Finally, the narrator says, "And lastly, please respect the gentle jellyfish." When he says this, Squidward is seen sitting and reading a book. He slams the book shut on a jellyfish. The chair he sits on collapses and the jellyfish fly out, stinging Squidward all over.

The short ends with the narrator saying, "This has been a word from Jellyfish Fields State Park."



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  Scurry Along - Charles Williams [Plays throughout]