1952 (MCMLII) was a leap year starting on Tuesday.

Date Event(s)
March 2 Birth of Laraine Newman, the voice of Grandma Plankton.
April 17 Birth of Joe Alaskey.
June 12 Birth of Junior Brown, one of the singers of Texas.
June 20 Birth of John Goodman, the voice of Santa Claus in "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!"
June 22 Birth of Barry Anthony Trop, a music composer for the show.
July 17 Birth of David Hasselhoff.
September 5 Birth of David Glen Eisley, the voice of SpongeBob's singing voice in "Band Geeks."
November 14 Birth of Bill Farmer, the voice of the Wise Old Crab.
December 14 Birth of John Lurie, portrayer of one of the fisherman in "Hooky."
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