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Hello The LBP and SpongeBob fan,

Thank you for participating in the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia forums/discussions. However, you are currently in violation of one or more of our rules. Specifically, Derailing a thread. Please take a look and review our discussions and forums policy on these pages. If you continue to violate the rules of the discussions or forums, you may be blocked by an administrator.

Ɔ • W • blɿoWɘʜTxoЯɘƨɘɘʜƆ 14:22, October 15, 2018 (UTC)

Do not remove or close this thread.

You kept posting about your chat ban on a thread that had nothing to do with your chat ban and spammed that you wanted to be unbanned after I already told you to stop. Please do not spam or derail threads. Your reason for being banned from chat seems like a valid reason (trolling as first chat contributions) but if you disagree, you may make a review at ESB:Chat ban reviews.

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