• Since you are a Season 12 fan, just like me, I'll ask you: what did you think of these two episodes?

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    • Senior Discount was such a great episode! I loved how members of Mr. Krabs' and Old Man Jenkins' family constantly appeared towards the end. Mr. Krabs trying to make Old Man Jenkins leave in various ways was pretty hilarious.

      As for Broken Alarm, I think it deserves a spot in my Top 10 favorite SpongeBob episodes. The visuals, jokes and pretty much everything about it were on point! Broken Alarm was a masterpiece.

      Absolutely adored both episodes.

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    • If you love the Krabs and Jenkins family, maybe you should check out my blog post where I try to list all of the family listed in Senior Discount.

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    • Great to hear that! Hopefully, I’ll like them, too.

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