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    SpongeBob's clothes in "Sun Bleached."

    A while back on the "Jailbreak!" page in this edit, you added a trivia point about how SpongeBob doesn't wear his regular clothes in "Sun Bleached." However, this is infact wrong! Thankfully, someone on the "Sun Bleached" page corrected a similar trivia point in this edit. In "Sun Bleached," SpongeBob is seen wearing his regular clothes during the part when he and Patrick are testing out a tanning bed by using an apple. I understand that SpongeBob doesn't wear his regular clothes for the majority of "Sun Bleached," but there is a few scenes in the episode where he does. It would appear that you didn't remember that scene when making this edit. I just wanted to make sure you knew. Also, I had to correct this trivia point on several other pages for episodes where SpongeBob wears something completely different the whole time.
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    • This edit was nearly three years ago. Please stop bringing up old edits. I don't really care anymore. I made a mistake and someone corrected it. At least in the last instance of you bringing up a past edit, you actually had new evidence. This is just bringing up something that doesn't need to be said.

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