• (Original idea came from here: Thread:804516)

    "The story is long, the story will stop soon.. don't skip to the end because you're close to there! And will The Reader be relieved?"

    In this part, Joe takes us on a trip to a famous library in an abandoned island, but Baldi has a Plan to get Joe's bus and take us back to Here School, can we foil his plan with the help from Phineas and Ferb?


    1. No swearing

    2. No spamming

    3. No talking about politics, Pingu, Pinga, I am Toaster's children, Minecraft YouTubers, Tecna, Cartoon Police Groups, twerking, Nutshack, zebras, events being dreams, being mean to SpongeBob, completely altering the main plot, premature starts, overly hurting characters, overusing Sagwa, overusing Ren and Stimpy, Universe Collapsings or endings, No time reversing!

    4. You can only use the never-ending line of Freds 6 times, don't overuse it.

    5: No overusing anchovy monsters.

    6: No overusing tamagotchi

    7: No overusing white dogs.

    8: No overusing Rick and Morty

    9: No overusing Bunny and Kitty

    10: No changing the story to your own liking.

    11: No removing the motto/slogan/whatever.

    12: No wars unless it's the final part.

    13: No premature ends.

    14. No more claiming threads. You can create a new one if you'd like, although don't make too many threads of new parts while one is going!

    Status: ON HOLD!!!

    Never Ending Story (VE)


    Chapter 1

    Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20Part 21Part 22Part 23Part 24Part 25Part 25.5Part 26Part 27Part 28Part 29Part 30

    Chapter 2

    Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 12Part 13Part 14

    The Cheese War

    Part 10: The Cheese War Pt. 1Part 11: The Cheese War Pt. 2

    Chapter 3

    Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9Part 10Part 11Part 12Part 13Part 14Part 15Part 16Part 17Part 18Part 19Part 20Part 21Part 22Part 23Part 24Part 25Part 25.5Part 26Part 27Part 28

    Spin offs (VE)

    Chapter A (non-canon)

    Part 1

    Chapter 0 (non-canon)

    Part 0.1Part 0.2

    Never Ending Banned Story

    Part 1

    Fresh Restarts


    Part 1


    Part 1



    Part 1


    Part 1 of Original Series Part 2 of Original Series

    Its Sweet Revival

    Part 1


    Opposite Day

    Chapter 1

    Part 1


    Musical 1


    Part 1Reboot


    Ducks and GeeseKitten and PuppySnails

    Hello Kitty

    Episode 1Episode 2

    Very Odd Story

    Part 1

    Back for Peculiar Purposes

    Part 1


    Chapter 1 Part 1

    The Great Cave of Secrets

    Part 1

    The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom

    Part 1 under construction.


    Original (Lost Link to thread) • Reboot

    Boss Fight

    Part 1


    1st Gen

    Once upon a time...

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    • Thank You :)

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    • (I'm making 28, 29, 30, Chapter 4 Part 1, and Chapter 5 Part 1. Chapter 4 will have 1 part.)

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    • Okay?

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    • This thread is gonna be on hold for a very long time...

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    • SuperJoeyBros9 wrote:

      (I've got it planned out. 28 will be the last part with humor. 29 - Chapter 4 Part 1 will have absolutely no humor because it's The Time War, and something terrible will happen.)

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    • (Alright)

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    • Koopsers: "Fifi woke up, yet again.."

      Fifi: "Man, I love ya!"

      She knocks me over, and makes out with me.

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    • Joey: "Ahhhhhhh I can't take it anymore, Fifi just stop!"

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    • Fifi: "No! He is my love of my life!"

      She makes out with me more.

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    • Jack Box gives me an important call.

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    • howtocool returns from a vacate 

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    • "What did Jack Box say?" I ask Views.

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    • Views: "He just said, Lemonade."

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    • howtocool calls rocko and says hey rocko miss me i went on a vacate cause  i needed a break where are you

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    • Joey: "Are we there yet?"

      Views: "Yeah."

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    • joe who driveing the bus says WE ARE NOT THERE YETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

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    • He drives so fast that he hits the Jack in the Box Man 


      Koopsers: "Oh my god! Jack in the Box Man was ran over!"

      Toht: "NOOO!"

      Fifi: "WAIT, WHAT?!"

      Everybody in the bus runs out to see the Jack in the Box Man except for Joe.

      Jack in the Box Super Bowl Ad-0

      Jack in the Box Super Bowl Ad-0

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    • Another bus rides beside us.

      Driver: "Where are you goin', partner?"

      Joe: "A library!"

      Driver: "Ew! Libraries are for the uninteresting. I'd rather go to Moscow!"

      Joe: "But it's not just any library! It's a famous one on an abandoned island in the middle of the Pacific."

      Driver: "I don't care if it's famous or not, I would never go to a library"

      Joe: "You want to join us?"

      Driver: "How about I ask you a better question: Would you want to join me?"

      Joe: "Nah"

      Driver: "Please?"

      Joe: "No"


      "Okay I'll come."

      Joe and the rest of us go out of the bus onto the other driver's bus, along with Jack in the Box man.

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    • Joey: "Are you sure this is a good idea Joe?"

      Koopsers: "Yeah, Is it?"

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    • howtocool sees  this happen and runs over while saying OH {dolpine noise} SOME ONE GOT HIT

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    • But actually, Jack in the Box Man is rushed to the ER.

      People outside watching:

      Morty: "Is he gonna be okay?"

      Harold (Total Drama): "I hope. Good thing it wasn't me who hurt him. With my Kung Fu powers.. he would be dead."

      Cody: "Really? You're so amazing Harold!"

      Owen: "Although it is sad watching this, it will be totally awesome if he gets better soon!"

      Jack Box in the Emergency Room-0

      Jack Box in the Emergency Room-0

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    • But then a bunch of Cody's appear!

      SML Cody: "Hey where's Ken?"

      Cody From Zach and Cody: "Why am I here, Where's my Cruise Ship?"

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    • SuperJoeyBros9 wrote:
      But then a bunch of Cody's appear!

      SML Cody: "Hey where's Ken?"

      Cody From Zach and Cody: "Why am I here, Where's my Cruise Ship?"

      However, they only appeared in the bus.

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    • howtocool films a interview with some eye witnesss 

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    • But before he can...

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    • This appears.

      IMG 20190302 221025
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    • Jimmy Kong kills Jack in the Box

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    • Jimmy Kong attempts to eat the bus.

      Dr. Smith: "That's really fascinating!"

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    • howtocool vists jack at the ER hes at

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    • Squidward randomly appears on the bus

      Squidward: "Are you all insane, We're all gonna die!"

      Mr. Muffin: "Who wants a Muffin?"

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    • Howtocool
      Howtocool removed this reply because:
      14:23, March 3, 2019
      This reply has been removed
    • howtocool gives jack some flowers and walks away

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    • SuperJoeyBros9 wrote:
      Jimmy Kong kills Jack in the Box

      (That didn't happen.)

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    • Meanwhile, on Joe's bus...

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    • A rampage Happened!

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    • Back to the ER..

      People outside watching:

      Owen: "Totally awesome! He's okay!"

      Cody: "We don't know that yet, Owen."

      Harold: "As I said, if it was my Kung Fu Powers, he would be dead."

      Morty: "I'm still skipping my newspaper job."

      Harold: "Really?"

      Morty: "Yes."

      Eric: "Hey guys."

      Morty: "Hey Eric.."

      Eric: "I'm still kicked off from being in the main plot, Yeah, I am a jerk."

      Harold: "Wow."
      Jack Box in a Coma

      Jack Box in a Coma

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    • But Baldi attacked Eric!

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    • SuperJoeyBros9 wrote:
      But Baldi attacked Eric!

      Eric: "OUCH!"

      Baldi goes away.

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    • Meanwhile on the Bus...

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    • cop mr.l arrest joe for hitting jack in the box

      meanwhile back in the ER 
      Jack's Back

      Jack's Back

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    • Howtocool wrote:
      cop mr.l arrest joe for hitting jack in the box meanwhile back in the ER 
      Jack's Back

      Jack's Back


      Phil: "GAH! STOP!"

      Doctors: "Jack, stop it!"

      Everybody outside watching:

      Harold, Owen, Cody, Eric, and Morty: "JACK'S BACK!"

      They all celebrate.

      (An hour later..)

      Jack makes an announcement

      Jack is Back-0

      Jack is Back-0

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    • meanwhile on a building a man in a black mask has a sniper rifel and aims at jack

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    • However, he misses, and the rifle bounces back to shoot the man in the mask.

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    • Then we get kicked off of the bus we were in (we were in the other driver's bus.)

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    • then the tf2 spy disguised as  mario back stabs jack

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    • The Driver hooks Joe's bus onto his bus and drives off. Thankfully, there was some other random bus a couple 100 feet away that could help us catch Joe's bus.

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    • when howtocool drives in his bus he open the door and yell GET IN THE {dolpine noise}ING BUS NOW

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    • Just then Phineas and Ferb (Finally) appeared

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    • "What's going on here?" says Phineas.

      "Some driver stole our bus!" says Joe.

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    • The Driver turns out to be...

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    • howtoend

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    • Howtoend then drives us to our destination

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    • "I thought howtoend became a horse?" says Dr. Smith.

      "I found a way out" says Howtoend.

      But it turns out Howtoend didn't steal the bus, he was just a servant of (drumroll) Baldi!

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    • However, none of us know that, so we think we can trust him, Baldi is watching from afar...

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    • Baldi: "I have the perfect plan! I'll bring them to Here School!"

      Baldi's wife: "But wouldn't they just come out again like they did some time ago?"

      Baldi: "Ah ha! But that won't happen, I've installed fantastic security 100000000000000x better than the already fantastic security we had!"

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    • (Cuts to the past)

      (Playtime is walking around the halls, a camera falls and she trips)

      Playtime: "Oop, that makes me sad."

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    • Baldi: "Don't worry, I'll make life worse!"

      Playtime: "I don't want to get hurt!"

      Baldi: "ok"

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    • howtocool sees playtime and baldi and toss  baldi a ruler

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    • baldi hits a bug with a ruler

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    • The bus pulls into a vast parking lot.

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    • (the past three replies are not apart of the flashback sequence.)

      Playtime gets confused with Baldi's words, as he doesn't understand Baldi 99% of the time.

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    • The bus then drives towards an amusement park.

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    • Then the bus stops for no reason. It's night time, and the lights from the amusement park are still on. It's oddly quiet.

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    • Then,

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    • The Magic School Bus appears!

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    • Kid (Forgot his name): "Please let this be a normal field Trip!"

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    • But our bus just drives on past without stopping.

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    • He then picks up some Sausages at the bus stop.

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    • then howtocool shows up ina blue magic school bus and screams IT TIME FOR {DOLPINE NOISE}ING SCHOOL MY BOIS

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    • The sausages however become alive!

      (the bus we're in is the back-up bus, we are still chasing the original bus that Baldi stole)

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    • The sausages then crush the blue bus, but luckily the driver was Howtoend.

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    • We all look around the bus in confusion, when suddenly...

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    • Phineas asks this...

      "Where's Perry?"

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    • SuperJoeyBros9 wrote:
      Kid (Forgot his name): "Please let this be a normal field Trip!"


      Ferb: "I dunno."

      Jack in the Box Man: "I feel way better than before."

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    • "I saw Perry at the food market 61 miles south!" says Indiana Jones.

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    • Then the food market goes flying through the air and lands right in front of the bus.

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    • Phineas: "Oh there you are Perry"

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    • But it was actually Perry Sogoto!

      Perry Sogoto: "How can I help you?"

      Phineas: "Oh actually we were looking for another Perry."

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    • Joey: "You can Stiil help us though."

      Phineas: "Yeah, because of Baldi."

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    • Me and Jack in the Box Man are then bothering people,throwing fries at people, asking them 4000 questions.

      Pizza: "Out."

      Koopsers: "Wait, what?"

      Pizza: "Out."

      Jack in the Box Man: "Why?"

      Pizza: "I said so."

      He turns on the TV in there, and the show is Pizzaland/Pizza Sea (Aqua Teen Hunger Force reference)

      We get out, and are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

      Jack in the Box: "Well... what now?"

      Koopsers: "Hitchhike."

      We hitchhike, and we get a driver.

      Fritz: "Where to?"

      Koopsers: "My apartment."

      Fritz: "...Where?"

      Koopsers: "C'mon, Fritz. You live in my street."

      Fritz: "Just kiddin'!"

      Jack in the Box Man: "Same location as him."

      Meanwhile, back to the Bus.

      Morty: "I really like the addition of books on the side."

      He grabs a random book and it was...

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    • I decide to go in the shower, and shower until..

      Fifi sneaks in the house.

      Jack in the Box Man: "Huh?"

      Fifi: "Eer.."

      She runs upstairs, and looks at the room with the bathroom.. She opens it and..

      Koopsers: "Huh?"

      Fifi: "My beautiful, are you showering?"

      I look out of the curtains and yell at her


      Fifi: "Oh.. sorry."

      She goes downstairs and hides under the table in the kitchen.

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    • "Well, I guess that scene could have gone a lot worse," I saysay, outside the apartment, having read the script.

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    • howtocool calls rocko and says  hey man you there

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    • Then I grab Howtocool’s phone and throw it into the bus.

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    • 5 other buses surround our bus.

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    • howtocool says HEY WHAT WAS THAT FOR

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    • Then Joe says...

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    • “No phones in the halls!” Principal of the Thing glares at him.

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    • howtocool gets in diver seat and yells GET IN THE BUS WE ARE GOING SOME WHERE

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    • But the drivers in the buses decide to ram our bus, so the bus falls down.

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    • Howtocool then gets run over by a bus

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    • The bus goes down, and hits a random nuke that causes a humongous explosion.

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    • Meanwhile..

      Koopsers: "Finally done showering."

      I was dressed up in a Superman shirt with Simpsons jeans.. and then

      Koopsers: "OH GOD!"

      I fall down the stairs in 1980's slow motion

      As soon as I reach the final step, Jack in the Box Man calls the E.R and I am rushed to the hospital.

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    • The hospital is inside the bus somehow, even though the bus looks completely normal from the outside. The hospital has 10 floors and everything.

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    • In one of the rooms is a huge cell that is sick.

      Cell: "I think my nucleus is broken"

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    • However, that was a different hospital RockoRama was talking about. I went inside the same hospital Jack in the Box Man was rushed into.

      Robert: "He's stuck in a coma."

      Jane: "Sad."

      People outside watching:

      Owen: "Another person in a coma."

      Cody: "Yeah."

      Harold: "How did he get into this coma? Kung Fu skills?"

      Cody: "I heard he fell down the stairs."

      Eric: "He's right."

      Morty: "Yup."

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    • The large cell however was in the hospital Jack in the Box man was in. Suddenly the large cell gets better and runs out.

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    • Then Baldi...

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    • dies.

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    • I put his dead body on the bus.

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    • CheeseCrocker wrote:
      The large cell however was in the hospital Jack in the Box man was in. Suddenly the large cell gets better and runs out.

      But, it still wasn't.

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    • howtocool says you know what {dolpine noise} this  and steals joe bus and drives away

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    • Trollerz462 wrote: dies.

      But that was actually Baldi's twin brother Fatdi, who ironically isn't fat. (reply to Koopsers: He got out of the hospital anyways)

      Howtocool however stole a bus similar to Joe's bus because Joe's bus is halfway across the world by now. Speaking of that, we meet Baldi at...

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    • CheeseCrocker wrote:

      Trollerz462 wrote: dies.

      But that was actually Baldi's twin brother Fatdi, who ironically isn't fat. (reply to Koopsers: He got out of the hospital anyways)

      Howtocool however stole a bus similar to Joe's bus because Joe's bus is halfway across the world by now. Speaking of that, we meet Baldi at...

      Dafutopieuanitueatopia (a lost underground city in Dutyeuifiueyayfnaotopia which is a lost undergound country under New Zealand)

      Meanwhile, I'm still in the coma.

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    • At Dafutopieuanitueatopia (which will be the focus of the next couple of replies), Baldi is selling the bus to none other, than Cat in the Hat!

      Cat in the Hat: (laughs in his usual way) Finally! The bus I've wanted! Now I can replace it with the SLOW! Thanks for saving tons of time, Bodti!"

      Baldi: "It's Baldi, and, your welcome"

      Cat in the Hat: "Brankdi?"

      Baldi: "No, Baldi"

      Cat in the Hat: "Swollendi?"





      "You know what? Forget it. Oh well, I hope you are satisfied"

      "I most surely am!"

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    • CheeseCrocker wrote:
      At Dafutopieuanitueatopia (which will be the focus of the next couple of replies), Baldi is selling the bus to none other, than Cat in the Hat!

      Cat in the Hat: (laughs in his usual way) Finally! The bus I've wanted! Now I can replace it with the SLOW! Thanks for saving tons of time, Bodti!"

      Baldi: "It's Baldi, and, your welcome"

      Cat in the Hat: "Brankdi?"

      Baldi: "No, Baldi"

      Cat in the Hat: "Swollendi?"





      "You know what? Forget it. Oh well, I hope you are satisfied"

      "I most surely am!"

      (Part 28, it's here!

      Don't fear, Part 28 is here! 

      We're near the end to the

      fun game! And it wasn't

      even lame! Although it

      probably was for some

      parts! We'll miss you, NES!

      NES is about to end. And

      even though we miss

      you so much, we won't

      give you many kisses! Now

      wouldn't that be weird? Like

      a huge beard. Through this

      story, we've saw a bowl.

      Some samurai pies, yeah, that

      isn't some lies. A sponge

      named Koopsers sleeps in some

      court, and he isn't some dork!

      A deck of cards named Views

      and a guy who looks like Marty

      McFly.. Chase McFly! He doesn't

      run bases like in Baseball, would

      that be weird? A wallaby from

      Britian who's named Rocko,

      Don't worry, he doesn't throw

      rocks at you! Nor does he throw

      bats, or rats, or racks, or a mascot

      named Jack Box. There's many

      more characters to tell, but there's

      so many, I think it's swell! You heard

      me say "I think it's a bell"? You mean

      "I think it's swell", heh! NES has been

      so fun, and we'll all miss this series!)

      Cat in the Hat: "Okay Burowiaonbihalfhjnghjwuifreihvichkjhgbdfkjvbgkjfhfjvdi!"

      Baldi: "Shut up."

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    • Cat in the Hat shows off his bus to the bus community, where it turns out the city we are in is actually famous for their buses! Cat in the Hat says it is the best bus ever made, which shocks everyone.

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    • Meanwhile, Morty, Owen, Harold, Eric, and Cody decide to go inside Koopsers' room.

      Harold: "Ouch, his head looks like it was hurt bad."

      Cody: "Ooch.. yeah."

      Owen: "These things in the hospital are pretty awesome! But pretty sad too."

      Eric: "Hospital stuff, wow, how amazing, totally tublar dude."

      Morty: "Geez, Eric."

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    • Back to Cat in the Hat, he does his signature laugh, then he goes into the bus and ventures off to his homeland.

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    • I then transform the Cat in the Hat from his horrible Mike Myers form to his nice animated form.

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    • But his hat is blue! The Cat in the Hat gets outraged because of this, and drives the bus up a ramp over the moon onto the hospital.

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    • The Cat in the Hat tries to...

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    • kill himself meanwhile howtocool hears about kooper coma and goes check on him

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    • Cat's Happy Place

      This is his happy place btw

      The Cat in the Hat however outrages a bunch of parents because he is supposed to be kid friendly. The Cat in the Hat then turns into his live action form, scaring the parents.

      The Cat in the Hat: "Well that was easy"

      Kid: "Hello, Mike Meyers"

      The Cat in the Hat: "Oh no"

      The kid (named Prakotas Poolantas) gets a bat and slams it onto the Cat in the Hat so hard that the world starts to shake, and then suddenly, it turns into the Cat's happy place!

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    • Howtocool: "That's pretty sad."

      Howtocool decides to join with the people watching outside of the room.

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    • Howtocool finds EvilBob’s nose.

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    • However, he snaps it in half, not knowing it's his nose.

      Meanwhile on the bus...

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    • Baldi comes back to life!

        Loading editor
    • Also, everyone is amazed by what the Cat in the Hat's happy place looks like.

      "What's with the unicorn?" says Dr. Smith.

      "The Cat in the Hat is just extremely weird" says Mr. Smith.

      The Cat in the Hat then flies into the bus, smashing a window.

      "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" everyone says.

      (does his laugh) "I wanna drive the bus!" says the Cat in the Hat.

      The Cat in the Hat punches the driver outside the bus and drives it, turning 90 degrees into the grass surrounding the long stretch of road.

      "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!??!?!?!" says CheeseCrocker, eating the grass from the ground somehow.

      "I'm driving you to Here School, the best place for learning!" says the Cat in the Hat.

      "WHAT! GIVE ME THAT WHEEL!" says CheeseCrocker, trying to steal the wheel from the Cat.

        Loading editor
    • [Hides under bus seat and gets out phone, begins recording]

      "Guys, I don't know what is going on, but I should think this should get a few views on the internet, so-- AAAAAAAH!" I scream at something as the bus speeds down the road.

        Loading editor
    • meanwhile:

      TCITH: cheesecrocka, gimme that wheel

        Loading editor
    • "But you still have the wheel you moron!" says myself, still trying to get the wheel.

      The bus starts shaking, simply because the ground has become so rocky. But then, the worst of things happen

      We fall off a cliff!

        Loading editor
    • But an Xbox saved Us!

        Loading editor
    • He was in the form of Tommy Vercetti (because he shape shifted off screen, and it's unknown what his true form is, Even he doesn't know.)

      XBOX: "Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a good game."

      XBOX shapeshifts into Superman because he had a Superman Returns game for 2 of his consoles.

      He carries the bus to another path, and they become lost.

        Loading editor
    • Then Puffy Fluffy appears and Says Superman 64 is Better

        Loading editor
    • XBOX (Superman): "Yeah, okay."

      Nintendo 64 (Superman): "What's up guys? Oops, shape shifted in the form of Superman."

      He shape shifts back to his normal body. Pretty much he looks like Mario's Mario Party design.

        Loading editor
    • Puffy Fluffy: "I love Mario Party! Especially Tug o War!"

      Everyone else gasps

        Loading editor
    • Nintendo 64: "Cool."

        Loading editor
    • everybody: so what now? 

      we also notice TCITH is still at the wheel.

        Loading editor
    • I show up and ask what does TCITH stand for?

        Loading editor
    • the cat in the hat 

        Loading editor
    • XBOX (Superman): "Guys, I see somebody."

      It was... Three-Dee coming back!

        Loading editor
    • "The big reveal," I whisper to my camera. "This couldn't possibly get more epic."

        Loading editor
    • Three-Dee came back with Zachary Z. Zerwick, a piece of Yin Yarn's dead body, the black man who reviews chocolate, Croc, Richard the Mustache Meddler, Kirbs, and a house from the village we made in Kilork in Chapter 3 Part 7.

        Loading editor
    • Reggie the Turkey then bumps onto our bus.

        Loading editor
    • “It’s Zywiec,” Zachary exclaims as he hops on the bus.

        Loading editor
    • "zywiec zarwick."

        Loading editor
    • howtocool who has left er trys to not be sad about kooper 

        Loading editor
    • Ryan Sinclair throws his bike off a cliff, and hesitates before getting on the bus with everyone else.

        Loading editor
    • Then Stegosaurus stomps on the bus

      Stegosaurus: "I am a Stegosaurus!"

        Loading editor
    • Luckily the stegosaurus is not very big, and gets on the bus with us.

        Loading editor
    • Then all the characters I posted about in the last part start having a random conversation.

      Reggie the Turkey: "You like Turkey?"

      Adam Sandler: (in his "annoying" voice) "Wouldn't that be cannibalism"

      Reggie the Turkey: "YOU LIKE TURKEY! THEN I'LL EAT YOU!"

      Adam Sandler: "Oh no, I didn't mean that"

      Reggie the Turkey attacks Adam Sandler, and Pink Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the 16th also comes into the play, throwing random country flags at the two.

      "I declare war on everyone!" says Pink Boiiiiiiiiiiiiii the 16th.

      "Arrgh!" says Doogal.

      "Hey I say that!" says Eugene Z. Krabs.

      Noddy: "I don't like this talk"

      Eugene Z. Krabs: "Nobody cares about your opinion, your just a random person!"

      Noddy: "Oh yeah? Well I'll have you know that I'm the best boxer in the seas!"

      Eugene Z. Krabs: "Seas? Your a land animal! Your lying!"

      Toht: "He is telling the truth"

      Eugene Z. Krabs: "But are you telling the truth? Obviously not!"

      Toht: "I am the most trustworthy person in the NES story. I see everything."

      Blue CheeseCrocker: "Oh please! I know where this is going."

      Toht: "I'm the creator of Cat in the Hat!"

      Blue CheeseCrocker: "What?"

      Toht: "Yeah! I purposely made it awful!"

      Blue CheeseCrocker: "Well then how does that prove your case?

      Toht: "Because it shows that I am willing to show my bad talent to the public, making me trustworthy!"

      Blue CheeseCrocker: "That makes no sense!"

      Toht: "Well, that is the truth!"

      Blue CheeseCrocker: "Alright then"

        Loading editor
    • "I learnt how to drive not long ago," says Green Cross Man, taking the wheel.

      "You're doin' it, mate! You're doin' it, mate!" Bradley Walsh starts to repeat.

        Loading editor
    • Green Cross Man drives us into a volcano

        Loading editor
    • Then Dr. Seuss appears.

        Loading editor
    • Dr. Seuss: "What is that creepy creature! What? Is that the Cat in the Hat? But why is he so ugly?"

      The Cat in the Hat speeds to Dr. Seuss.

      "AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" says Dr. Seuss, falling into the volcano.

      "I didn't mean to scare you!" says the Cat.

      Back at the conversation...

      Toht: "Man that guy literally fell into a volcano"

      Pink Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the 17th: "Well it wasn't really his fault, that cat is pretty ugly"

      The Cat in the Hat: "What do you say about my looks? I'll have you know I was nominated 'Best Cat' by the Stupid But Also Dumb Awards, SBADA for short!"

      Pink Boiiiiiiiiiiiii the 17th: "I don't think that's a good award company"

      TCITH: "Oh really? Bet you couldn't make a better one!"

      Pink Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the 17th: "Actually I do have a better one, it's called the Golden Raspberry Awards"

      TCITH: "I've heard that one before, and I can safely say you're lying"

      Toht: "He is also telling the truth"

      Reggie the Turkey: SHUT UP! SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!"

      Toht: "Why? We were having a civil conversation"

      Reggie the Turkey: "I NEED EVERYONE TO HATE TURKEYS!"

      Toht: "Why?"

      Reggie the Turkey: "SO THAT MY FAMILY ISN'T EATEN!"

      Toht: "Well turkeys are delicious!"

      Reggie the Turkey: "ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!! I'M GONNA EAT YOU!"

      Adam Sandler: "Not before I cook you!"

      Reggie the Turkey grabs Toht, while Adam Sandler is using a fork on Reggie the Turkey.


      Reggie the Turkey: "GIVE ME THAT SKIN OF YOURS!"

      Adam Sandler: "Give me that yummy body!"

      Pink Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii the 16th starts throwing flags again, Playtime appears out of nowhere playing on everyone, and Reggie the Turkey's feathers are flying all over the place. If that wasn't crazy enough, all the angry Adam Sandler people come from the grass onto the bus, and tries to tackle Adam Sandler, while he is trying to kick them onto the driver, who is having a really hard time with all this crazyness happening.

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    • And then Friedrich De Hęicheniüm Príecking Mariócoidël Von Gritçh Cariken Joaküb Sobeñinü Libre Acchenshh Clakëkunther Soch Biahçkéun Qubaäk Jaküden Suuparhmachëń Brücí Härt Nikēfuń Ja Sö Heinemhimarubenwëįnärabüń Zerwick Zywiec Zachary Pömpö Rannį Dakwen Guümbelaa Lukčad So Rökibreúthancleretÿ Je Lakë Armudiño Almurë Sahträ ja Pennsyiladadä Johhnë HalloCoakricuh ßiun Luftballons Rad Yochö Jakub Bobbë Ronald Gabriël So Samuel Marek Gussiberg IV Sr. comes. He's where Zachary got his full name because he is related to Zachary. He's Zach's grandfather. Born in 1950, and the height of 5'6. (He used to be 6'9, but he shrinked over the years.)

      Zachary: "Hi, Grampa."

      Friedrich De Hęicheniüm Príecking Mariócoidël Von Gritçh Cariken Joaküb Sobeñinü Libre Acchenshh Clakëkunther Soch Biahçkéun Qubaäk Jaküden Suuparhmachëń Brücí Härt Nikēfuń Ja Sö Heinemhimarubenwëįnärabüń Zerwick Zywiec Zachary Pömpö Rannį Dakwen Guümbelaa Lukčad So Rökibreúthancleretÿ Je Lakë Armudiño Almurë Sahträ ja Pennsyiladadä Johhnë HalloCoakricuh ßiun Luftballons Rad Yochö Jakub Bobbë Ronald Gabriël So Samuel Marek Gussiberg IV Sr: "Hi, Zach."

        Loading editor
    • Zachary asks to hereafter know him as simply  Friedrich Gussiberg IV.

        Loading editor
    • Friedrich Gussiberg IV: "Hey Zachary, wanna know something cool?"

      Zachary: "What?"

      Friedrich Gussiberg IV: "Zachary Z. Zywiec is not your full name. It's Robert Söff Wubbalattom Acceshindù Gahekbaed Dorus Sönneiëdu Jaköff Näh Doktar Fieth Lańimäkeiduñapçurtacshcaimedahembesülah Rokka Randech Haßean Lubqaänd Trapłe Ckauy Von Cakëańyudioapepö De Shärretacorotoañeñe Gäbriel Stephen Ja Neïn Buriken Rakeiñ Ark Bavaark Zachäry Zärk Zÿwiec Dü Dummëkapf Sammy Qarutÿ Hällo Arkeñsmathzoddhoeanahäytut Marëk Da Vavün Kārkañzoz V Jr."

      Zachary: "Wow."

        Loading editor
    • I then get let out of my jail cell from chapter 3 Part 26 for Necroposting as it was an honest mistake and I have already spent a while there

        Loading editor
    • I jump.

      Someone else jumps.

      Suddenly, everyone is jumping!

        Loading editor
    • So Zachary asks to just be called Robert Karkanzoz Vi.

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    • Reggie the Turkey: "I NEED TO EAT YOU!!!"

      Adam Sandler: "I NEED TO EAT YOU!!!"

      Pink Boiiiiiiiiiiii the 16th: "Taste the wrath of the flags!"

      Pink Boiiiiiiiiiiii the 17th: "This is just weird"

      Doogal: "Woof Woof!"

      Kid: "Talk Doogal Talk!"

      Doogal: "Okay! But only if you give me 5 sugar wafers... oh wait"

      Kid: "You talked!"

      Doogal: "Arrgh!"

      Eugene Z. Krabs: "You stole me line again! Get over here!"

      Doogal and Eugene Z. Krabs get into a fight on top of the fight between Toht, Reggie, and Adam Sandler.

      Noddy: "I dislike this"

      Doogal: "I want candy!"

      Eugene Z. Krabs: "You'll become candy when I'm done with you!"

      Doogal: "Oh actually I'd like that, turn me into candy!"

      Eugene Z. Krabs takes out a gun. "If you say so""

      Doogal: "Wait wait, shooting me will kill me!"

      Eugene Z. Krabs: "It was just a metaphor, idiot"

      Doogal: "NOOOOOOOOO!!"

      Eugene Z. Krabs shoots the gun, while Doogal veers to the right. The bullet hits the side of the bus and it almost hits Eugene Z. Krabs, but he dodges and it hits Noddy.

      Noddy: "I guess this is it"

      But Noddy does not die. This is because he has a bullet-proof suit for some reason.

        Loading editor
    • Mr. Krabs get confused by Eugene Z. Krabs.

        Loading editor
    • Then Harold Flowers says he's Mr. Krabs

        Loading editor
    • Eugene Z. Krabs: "Oh hello, Eugene H. Krabs"

      Eugene H. Krabs: "Is this what it's all about?"

      Eugene Z. Krabs starts building a portal, and when he builds it, all the Mr. Krabs from C3 P17 appear!

      Eugene R. Krabs: "Ready?"

      Eugene I. Krabs: "No"

      Eugene R. Krabs: "Why not?"

      Eugene S. Krabs: "I is usually scared of being ready"

      Eugene M. Krabs: "That's stupid!"

      Toht: "It's not stupid"

      Eugene O. Krabs: "Hey! You ruined the flow!"

      Toht: "How?"

      Eugene O. Krabs: "By not being a Krab!"

      Eugene A. Krabs: "I would say otherwise"

      Eugene P. Krabs: "What do you know about conversations? This is literally the first conversation you've been in, A."

      Eugene W. Krabs: "Arrgh!"

      Eugene X. Krabs: "You're supposed to say 'Mom!' as your catchphrase!"

      Eugene W. Krabs: "No u"

      Eugene X. Krabs: "How dare you use that insulting language!"

      Eugene Y. Krabs: "How about we just be friends?"

      Eugene Z. Krabs: "No! I love wrangles!"

      Eugene W-Z all get into wrangle. The others watch.

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    • Mr. Krabs rips off Harold’s face.

        Loading editor
    • It was Plankton!

        Loading editor
    • Plankton kills Eugene N. Krabs!

        Loading editor
    • Krabs asks how many of him there are.

        Loading editor
    • 56356866745745 is how many

        Loading editor
    • Then Eugene Ø Krabs arrives on the bus, and everyone starts pondering over why he has a strike in his "O" and how it's pronounced.

        Loading editor
    • howtocool drives into krabs bus in his magic school bus like bus and screams GUESS WHO TOOK MS.FRIZZEL {DOLPHINE NOISES}ING JOB

        Loading editor
    • Eugene % Krabs, Eugene @ Krabs, Eugene * Krabs, Eugene ( and ) Krabs, and others with symbols as middle names all have fights on whose symbol is the best.

        Loading editor
    • Meanwhile, a psychologist learns that he could make world peace a thing if he created an 11th digit to go with the other 10 universal numbers. He creates the "Ɉ" (which he calls "Joj") that is the letter "J" with a strike across it. However, people start complaining about how it's literally a reversed lower-case "t" and how it looks too similar to a "J" and that it isn't creative enough, and raises more issues overall than it answered.

      Needless to say, it isn't long before one of the Eugenes changes his name to "Eugene Ɉ Krabs".

        Loading editor
    • That Eugene was Eugene K. Krabs!

      Eugene D. Krabs: "I hate everyone!"

      Eugene F. Krabs: "I love everyone!"

      Eugene D. Krabs: "Your initial says otherwise"

      Eugene F. Krabs: "What about my initial"

      Eugene B. Krabs: "There's a dark joke on it"

      Cat in the Hat (in the distance): "Hey! Want to go on my Super Hydrolic Instantaneous Transporter?"

      Eugene B. Krabs (shouting): "Oh you mean-"

      Cat in the Hat: "Oh! Quick to the Transporter! (laughs)"

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    • Meanwhile, in my coma..

      I'm dreaming of me crushing TV remotes in anger, while a guy with a bushy beard does an Irish jiggy. Also, Once in a Lifetime is playing in the dream on loop too.

      Koopsers: "ONCE IN A LIFETIME!!"

      And then, I find out I'm on Wheel of Fortune and it's still my turn.

      Jeff Goldstein: "Sorry, but old men fighting over a naked SpongeBob while snorting bacon is not the answer."

      Koopsers: "REEEEEEEEE"

      Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime (Official Video)-0

      Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime (Official Video)-0

      Wheel of Fortune Theme 1975-1983 (with Audience Chant)-0

      Wheel of Fortune Theme 1975-1983 (with Audience Chant)-0

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    • Back to reality, Eugene B, 7, h, }, |, Z, ?, and ^ Krabs, along with Doogal, SpongeBob, and 50 others ride the Super Hydrolic Instantaneous Transport with the Cat in the Hat. TCITH drives them to his world, which is so mysterious even humans can't comprehend what's going on.

        Loading editor
    • Meanwhile, also on the bus, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo is teaching everyone the secrets to getting into places you would otherwise not have access to, or as he likes to call it "How to swooce ".

      "Take the hatch in the ceiling for an example," he says. " Watch me swooce right in! "

      [Throws himself through the emergency hatch and disappears out of sight]

        Loading editor
    • It turns out the emergency hatch leads to 500000000000 tunnels, and when Shaggy ventures off for a minute, he can't find out how to get out!

        Loading editor
    • Then everyone turned into a carrot.

        Loading editor
    • Bugs Bunny (who jumped off a random train) tries to eat us all, but we run away and act like Sausage Party characters
        Loading editor
    • But then 🍐 tries to eat them.
        Loading editor
    • Mario crushes the tiny carrots.

      Mario: "What a bunch of idiots."

        Loading editor
    • But we were the carrots, so we get revived.

        Loading editor
    • "We" however dies again.

      XBOX (Superman): "No idea why I'm Superman still, but "We" was a jerk."

      "We" comes back to live

      "We": "YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS!"

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    • Views06 wrote: Then everyone turned into a carrot.


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    • Meanwhile, in my coma..

      Koopsers: "CAN I BUY A NYET?"

      Jeff Goldstein: "YA WE HAVE NYET. 100 OF THEM."

        Loading editor
    • Then Phil appears in Koopsers' hospital bed, and tells him he's gonna rename Koopsers' apartment to Phil's apartment.

        Loading editor
    • But Koopsers confronts him, with his 100 NYETs.

        Loading editor
    • But Reggie the Turkey comes along, having been cooked. This scares Koopsers and Phil.

        Loading editor
    • Then, a force of nature brings Baldi back to life.

        Loading editor
    • But Baldi transformers into...

        Loading editor
    • a transformer!

        Loading editor
    • Luckily, Commander Sakhalin destroys the Baldi transformer before it wreaks havoc.

        Loading editor
    • But Baldi has a TARDIS, and tries to shove it in our bus, while it is on Maximum Overdrive.

        Loading editor
    • But then Arfur comes back!

        Loading editor
    • It turns out the confrontational Koopsers was him all along.

        Loading editor
    • Suddenly, a force of nature revives everyone that died (except for the former NES gods).

        Loading editor
    • But the revival was sadly temporary and wore off.

        Loading editor
    • Then Shaggy swooces back into the bus through the hatch in the ceiling.

      "What did I miss?"

        Loading editor
    • howtocool says a lot of {dolphine noise} shag

        Loading editor
    • But then Joe...

        Loading editor
    • ...makes the revival continue. "Chase," I ask. "Why don't you want everyone who died to be revived?"

        Loading editor
    • "I can see where Chase is coming from," I say, on my phone. "It kind of goes against the flow of the story. But I'm not anyone to say."

      Then Eugene Ɉ Krabs tries to take the wheel of the bus for some reason.

        Loading editor
    • SirVenelux then uses an M&M repellent to soak away Mr. J Krabs.

      "What!?!?" says Farfel Bainbridge. "I thought that repellent was at the museum!"

        Loading editor
    • "Er, I think you'll find my initial isn't a J," Eugene Ɉ Krabs says, getting slightly annoyed.

      "Calm down man, it's just an initial. What does it matter?" the actual Eugene J Krabs says.

      "What does it matter?! The Ɉ is the coolest initial in the world!" he says, hyperventilating, before passing out.

        Loading editor
    • We then see some Bikini Bottomites preparing for the Time War.

      "Uhhh," says SirVenelux. "What are you mitvics doing?"

      "Preparing for the time that will be end of all that is Holy! (the Time War; Holy = the Universe)" says Tom.

        Loading editor
    • Then CheeseCrocker...

        Loading editor
    • ... duplicates into two CheeseCrockers, me and CheeseCrockker.

      CheeseCrockker: "Nice to meet y'all!"

      CheeseCrocker: "Why do you have an Australian accent?"

      CheeseCrockker: "Because... why not?"

      CheeseCrocker: "Because it sounds weird considering I have an American one"

      CheeseCrockker: "Doesn't matter"

      CheeseCrocker: "Yes it does"




      "I literally just told you"

      "No you didn't"

      "Okay I'm sick of you"

      CheeseCrocker smashes a chair on CheeseCrockker.

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    • Then there were two versions of Thomas. But which one is the real one is a mystery.

        Loading editor
    • Both get run over by Thomas The Train

        Loading editor
    • Thomas The Train gets blown up by Baldi, who teleports us to the closet in Here School.

        Loading editor
    • I welcome Thomas back.

        Loading editor
    • Meanwhile the 55-ish people who are inside the Cat in the Hat's Super Hydrolic Instantaneous Transport have reached Egypt, but the Cat in the Hat modified it to his liking.

        Loading editor
    • "Is it just me, or does that sphinx look strangely like The Cat in the Hat?" one of them asks.

      "So you like what I've done with the place?" The Cat in the Hat says, smiling.

        Loading editor
    • The Cat in the Hat then presses the "Button that makes things fast" and now everything goes really fast.

        Loading editor
    • Then Gotta Sweep sweeps us away to...

        Loading editor
    • A new bus!

        Loading editor
    • Joey calls it "The Weirdly Shaped 4" and we all get on, but we are kicked off of the bus by Todd the Bubble Bowl manager!

        Loading editor
    • Todd says no dodos allowed, as Cheese reawakened his dodo powers.

        Loading editor
    • "Why aren't dodos allowed on the bus? What's wrong with them?" I ask.

      "Ah, well, you see..." Todd says, slowly stepping backwards like I do when I'm afraid.

      "Let me guess," I say flatly, " You're scared of dodos, aren't you?"

        Loading editor
    • "No." says Todd. "They remind me of.... Lori Loud!"

      CheeseCrocker: "Lori Loud?"

      Todd: "Oh well, you see, I'm a friend of Clyde McBride, and we both have this strangle love addiction to Lori Loud... it's weird"

        Loading editor
    • Joey: *Grabs a tape recorder and plays the Seinfeld theme*

        Loading editor
    • Meanwhile, in my coma...

      Koopsers: "Honestly, Narin Ja Dood is stupid."

      Jeff Goldstein: "HEY!"

      At the hospital room...

      Phil: "Wow, that didn't even wake him up."

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    • Emboar and Rattus then jump in to join in on the chapter

        Loading editor
    • But then It's A Bully steals the wires that keep Koopsers alive.

      I punch him and plug the wires back in, but accidentally in the wrong order.

        Loading editor
    • Back with the Cat in the Hat, they are flying above Asia.

      Nimrod: "Where are we going again?"

      Cat in the Hat: "The famous library, remember?"

      Nimrod: "Oh"

      Cody: "I forgot about the library"

      Nimrod: "Me too"

        Loading editor
    • Koopsers starts malfunctioning, his skin turning green and his eyes turning red.

        Loading editor
    • Mr. Krabs then literally comes out of thin air and shrieks.

        Loading editor
    • (My drawing of Rockoless Universe Patrick)
      Patrick (RU)
        Loading editor
    • Meanwhile...

        Loading editor
    • Howard and Bendy are on Greenland, making clothes out of lasers.

        Loading editor
    • But Barry B. Benson stops them!

        Loading editor
    • But Barry B. Benson is attacked by Noddy, who owns an igloo at Greenland.

        Loading editor
    • But they get on a bus.

        Loading editor
    • "I need to eat more krabs!" Patrick says happily, and begins chasing the other Eugene Krabs.

        Loading editor
    • Eugene R. Krabs: "You can't eat me, I'm made of human"

      Adam Sandler: "Hey! Get back here with my skin!"

      Eugene R. Krabs: "Uh oh"

        Loading editor
    • XBOX (Superman):"Pepper."

        Loading editor
    • Joe ties Patrick up and throws him in a corner of the back of the bus labeled Stars Only.

        Loading editor
    • And then, Patrick eats a vacuum cleaner.

        Loading editor
    • Then Caddicarus arrives with a second vacuum cleaner, which Patrick also eats.

        Loading editor
    • Eugene R. Krabs throws Adam Sandler's skin on Patrick.

        Loading editor
    • Then Patrick gets cast in a movie because he looks like Adam Sandler.

        Loading editor
    • The movie earns so much money that the directors decide to play Mansa Musa with the money.

        Loading editor
    • But this makes Patrick angry like on Valentine’s Day!

        Loading editor
    • Sheila then licks Rocko's ear.

      Rocko: "Huh?"

        Loading editor
    • [turns around to see what's happening]

      "AAAH!" I scream. I then hide in a cupboard and quietly whimper to myself.

        Loading editor
    • Then Eugene % Krabs snipped everyone.

        Loading editor
    • XBOX (Superman): "Hey, unsnip my ticket for a train! I need it!"

      And then, he unsnips XBOX's (Superman) ticket for a train.

        Loading editor
    • But Eugene ctrl. Krabs starts controlling the bus!

        Loading editor
    • Then SpongeBob's smart and more tolerable Slovenian cousin, Spuži Kvadratnik, who is a secret agent who deals with the paranormal, realises one of the red fire hammers is missing from the bus, for some strange reason.

        Loading editor
    • This is because Eugene alt. Krabs removed it!

      Eugene alt. Krabs: "I actually altered it"

      Eugene ctrl Krabs: "But I controlled it!"

      Eugene alt. Krabs: "No you didn't, in fact you were literally born 5 minutes ago, how could you be an adult already?"

      Eugene ctrl. Krabs: "idk, NES logic?"

      Eugene B. Krabs: "Be what you want, idc what you do, but I respect it"

      Eugene ctrl and alt. Krabs: "Okay?"

      Chicken Little: "The sky is falling!"

      The sky falls on the bus.

      Eugene ctrl. Krabs: "Ouch"

      Eugene Boi. Krabs: "Yo boys, howz my boys today?"

      Eugene ctrl: "Get out"

      Eugene Toht. Krabs: "That is very rude, ctrl."

      Eugene ctrl. Krabs: "Guess what, I don't care!"

      Eugene 6. Krabs: "I care"

      Eugene V. Krabs: "vvvvvvv"

      Eugene 7. Krabs: "Please be on topic, V"

      Eugene $. Krabs: "He can only say the letter 'v'"

      Eugene 7. Krabs: "Oh"

      Eugene V. Krabs: "vvvvvv"

      Eugene T. Krabs: "Hi I-"

      Eugene Toht. Krabs grabs him.

        Loading editor
    • (Official NES song! This song is in the tune of the Cartoon Network Groovie "Circles" so sing the song in the tune of Circles.

      Another day in NES.

      It's a beautiful day outside

      No discrations botherin' me.

      I guess I'll go do some skatin'

      Nobody in my way.

      Not even a single blue jay.

      I gotta stop talkin' or else I'll just

      be walkin'. Now I start, and I skate

      And skate and skate and skate

      And skate and skate

      and skate and skate, and skate and skate



      I'm flying in the air, crazy things are happening

      You can't do any normal things without anything happening

      Chase has a bruise, and I'm flying in the air

      Flying in the air

      Right in the air

      Across the air, above the air, towards the air

      all around the air

      and just flying in the air

      With Chase running with a bruise on his face, oh no he's fell

      on RockoRama's face, Rocko's broken a nose

      He's broken it

      He's really broken it

      Blood everywhere, yeah it's a sight

      So look out and don't run to their area.

      And I'm flying in the air

      Flying in the air Right in the air Across the air, above the air, towards the air all around the air and just flying in the air

      Chase has a bruise

      RockoRama's nose is broken, and what could happen next?

      Ouch! He flung Views

      He's falling down into..

      Fifi's hands, oh no what could happen now?

      He gets ripped to shreds, ouch into shreds!

      This is crazy, really crazy

      Views into shreds, and I'm flying in the air

      Flying in the air Right in the air Across the air, above the air, towards the air all around the air and just flying in the air

      Chase has a bruise RockoRama's nose is broken

      and Views is ripped to shreds from Fifi's hands

      Man.. this is bad!

      Who knows what could happen next?)

        Loading editor
    • Eugene Toht. Krabs: Now, listen here, Eugene T. Krabs, if you--

      Eugene T. Krabs: If it makes it easier you can call me Mr T.

      Eugene Toht. Krabs: I don't care, but you'd better get control of the bus and take it to the coordinates I sent you earlier today, else I will--

      Eugene V. Krabs: vvvvvvv

      Eugene Toht. Krabs: Shut it, you.

      Spuži Kvadratnik: Hang on a second, has anyone else realised how strange it is that we got on this bus at 8:20 at night, and it's now 7:15 in the evening? Paranormal, possibly?

      Caddicarus: Never mind that, how did the sky fall onto the bus?

        Loading editor
    • Then Eugene @ Krabs walks in, along with Eugene ☃️ Krabs, Eugene ⛄️ Krabs, Eugene § Krabs, Eugene / Krabs, Eugene | Krabs, and Eugene … Krabs. They all steal the bus's tires.

        Loading editor
    • Spuži Kvadratni: "What is with all these crabs?!?!?!"

      Business executives (from Nostalgia Critic): "You see, adding more crabs repeatedly grabs the readers' attention, as the chart says."

      Nostalgia Critic: "I see your moving onto books"

      Business executives: "Oh no"

      Nostalgia Critic: "Thank you. No I will not be annoyed"

      Business executives: "Okay"

        Loading editor
    • And then, 2005 comes

      2005: "Honestly, Homestar Runner was the best in 2005."

      So does 2006!

      2006: "You're wrong, '05."

        Loading editor
    • Eugene Yr. Krabs: "I made all the years!"

      Eugene Day Krabs: "I made all the days!"

      Eugene V. Krabs: "vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv"

      Eugene Nice Krabs: "Be nice, V!"

      Eugene Chicken Krabs: "Cluck!"

      Eugene Bored Krabs: "Your not a chicken"

      Eugene Happy Krabs: "Quit being bored, Bored!"

      Eugene Bored Krabs: "I can't, being bored is my personality"

        Loading editor
    • Then we see Eugene ¶ Krabs standing at the bus stop. His eyes are bloodshot, there's blood on his clothes and he stands there, staring at us and breathing loudly.

      Bradley Walsh: Are you okay, mate?

      Spuži Kvadratnik: Could be paranormal. I'm writing this down. [Writes on piece of paper]

      Caddicarus: Yeah, there's something seriously wrong with that guy.

      Eugene Y Krabs: [approaches Eugene ¶ Krabs] Stop fooling around and get on the bus with us.

      [Eugene ¶ Krabs grabs Eugene Y Krabs and holds up a hacksaw]

      Eugene Y Krabs: No! Please!

      [Cut to everyone on the bus freaking out, as we hear Eugene Y Krabs screaming out in pain]

        Loading editor
    • Eugene N. Krabs' ghost: "Arrgh!"

      Eugene Ni. Krabs: "Hi!"

      Eugene Fit. Krabs: "Who are you talking to?"

      Eugene Ni. Krabs: "N.!"

      Eugene Fit. Krabs: "I don't see him"

      Eugene Ni. Krabs: "Oh, you can't see him, I feel sorry for you"

      Eugene Fit. Krabs: "Okay?"

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    • Eugene Ni. Krabs: I see dead people.

      Spuži Kvadratnik: [Writing on paper intensifies]

      Shaggy: Watch me swooce right through the baggage compartment!

      Ryan Sinclair: I don't even know where the bus is going anymore.

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    • It crashes into a wall, and they all go flying.

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    • And then, Goeef Die Niaó (RU Patrick) comes out, He grabs a knife and looks around.

      Goeef Die Niaó: "BLOOD.. BLOOD.. BLOOD.. BLOOD.. BLOOD."

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    • Blood: "Here!"

      Goeef Die Niaó: "No not you"

      Eugene 666. Krabs: "Cursed!"

      Goeef Die Niaó starts to melt.

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    • I look surprised. "Oh, guess EvilBob didn't choke you, just exiled you," I say.

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    • Blood: "I'm a gallon of blood!"

      Blood gets smashed by a few people.

      Blood: "Ahh! That hurt"

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    • And then, nothing happens.

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    • Nothing hears this.

      Nothing: "Do nothing everyone!"

      Eugene Pill. Krabs: "Need some pills!"

      Nothing: "Give me the pills that do nothing!"

      Eugene Noth. Krabs: "I have them!"

      Eugene Noth. Krabs gives Nothing pills that do nothing. Nothing gobbles them.

      Nothing: "Delicious!"

      Eugene P. Krabs: "Pandas!"

      Eugene Lil. Krabs: "Pandas?"

      Eugene P. Krabs: "Pandas! The Pandas are coming!"

      A herd of pandas smash onto all the crabs and miscellaneous characters.

      Panda 1: "We thereby send you to the worst library!"

      Panda 2: "I thought it was the 'best' library"

      Panda 1: "Worst!"

      Panda 2: "Best!"

      Panda 1 and 2 get into an argument, allowing the rest of us to run away.

      Eugene CheeseCrocker Krabs: "I'm CheeseCrocker's son!"

      Blue CheeseCrocker checks his really advanced notepad. "Nope, you aren't"

      Eugene CheeseCrocker Krabs: "That notepad is a lie!"

      Blue CheeseCrocker: "No its not. It always tells me the truth"

      Eugene CheeseCrocker Krabs: "Well maybe it isn't doing so this time!"

      Blue CheeseCrocker: "Based on my calculations-"

      Eugene CheeseCrocker Krabs: "I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID CALCULATIONS!"

      Blue CheeseCrocker: "Oh well, you're not gonna listen to me anyways, so I might as well leave"

      Eugene B. CheeseCrocker. Krabs: "Bad crab, bad!"

      Eugene CC. Krabs: "But BCC!"

      Eugene B. CC. Krabs: "No buts! Go straight to Evil Pluto!"

      Eugene B. CC. Krabs kicks Eugene CC. Krabs to Evil Pluto.

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    • Patrick eats every Krabs except Eugene H. Krabs.

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    • But all the krabs appear behind Patrick and eat him. But then Patrick shoots all of them with his NANANNANANA-gun.

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    • But Patrick shoots the gun so quickly, it causes strange things to happen to the gun. Now whenever he shoots something, weird things happen. Patrick starts giggling, thinking he's doing no harm.

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    • Eugene Sil. Krabs: "Haha, that's really funny starfish, guns down!"

      Patrick Star: "But my gun is harmless, see!"

      Patrick shoots the gun at Eugene Sil. Krabs 50 times, all with weird objects coming out.

      Eugene Sil. Krabs: "Come on crabs, lets ambush this idiot"

      All the crabs jump on Patrick Star.

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      And then, a show comes on. Warren and his Robot Friend. The show's about them solving mysteries like who graffitied the Cereal Bowl statue. This show is Canadian.

      Warren: "Hey, Robot Friend; I just found a mystery."

      Robot Friend: "Yeah?"

      Warren: "Somebody graffitied the Cereal Bowl statue."

      Robot Friend: "Strange."

      Cut to Toht.

      Toht: "I like this show.. wait.. so wait.. wait.. So, me; Toht. I've been acting like a Canadian for a while, smelling like a Canadian, been looking like a Canadian, and drinking Syrup like a Canadian.. but I'm NOT a Canadian... Yeah, pretty much."

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    • Then, due to Patrick shooting his gun, the bus suddenly becomes a double-decker. And then a triple-decker.

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    • On the top floor a group of alternate versions of me, who look like my former profile pics.

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    • Marf


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    • Marf bothers Robot.

      Robot: "Hey.. get off of me.. GET OFF!"

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    • Joe just keeps driving the bus.

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    • Eventually, the bus has about 40 floors.

      "This certainly is a crazy bus," I say, looking around.

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    • He stops, and Gabriel Byrne, the Irish actor comes in.

      Gabriel Byrne: "No, I am not Peter Gabriel."

      Joe: "Oh, WELL GET OUT!"

      Gabriel Byrne: "But.. but."

      Joe: "NOW!"

      He kicks Gabriel Byrne out of the door, but Joe falls outside of the bus, and the door closes and locks. A person goes rushing to the front to drive. This person is...

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    • Then Marf is revealed to be a Minecraft minecart, and CheeseCrocker rides in him...

      into a lava trap.

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    • Marf also drives the bus.

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    • Robot: "Give me the wheel you buffoon!"

      Eugene Parrot Krabs: "Give me the wheel you buffoon!"

      Robot: "Hey! Don't copy me!"

      Eugene Parrot Krabs: "Hey! Don't copy me!"

      Eugene Ni. Krabs: "I see N still!"

      Eugene Parrot Krabs: "I see N still!"

      Eugene V. Krabs: "vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv"

      Eugene V. Krabs (imposter): "Hey!"

      Eugene Fat Krabs: "You're not V! Get him!"

      All the crabs ambush the imposter Eugene V. Krabs.

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    • The imposter is actually Mark T. Gussiberg!

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    • ...'s imposter! 

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    • The imposter of Mark T Gussiberg posing as Eugene V. Krabs is none other than Eugene V2. Krabs.

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    • Eugene V2. Krabs is much like Eugene V. Krabs, but with a higher IQ... and evil.

      Eugene V. Krabs can only say "v", whereas Eugene V2. Krabs has a wider vocabulary...

      He can also say capital Vs as well. [cue "DUN DUN DUN" sound effect]

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    • Then Mark T. Gussiberg returns.

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    • Eugene ctrl. Krabs starts to control V2, making him walk into a lake.

      Eugene I. Krabs: "I'm scared"

      Eugene Initial Krabs: "ILY" (I love you)

      Eugene I. Krabs: "Your scaring me"

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    • Then Eugene Ɡ Krabs arrives. "What'd I miss?" he asks, calmly.

      "Your initial looks like a lowercase "g" that's been stretched," says Eugene Fat Krabs.

      "That's not very nice to say, letters have feelings too," Eugene Ɡ Krabs says.

      "Wait... they do?!" Eugene Fat Krabs says, worried. He is suddenly knocked to the floor as thousands of little fridge-magnet-letters fall on him.

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    • Blue CheeseCrocker: "That's not offending, Ɡ."

      Eugene Ɡ Krabs: "I thought it was"

      Eugene Fat Krabs: "Phew, for a second I thought I offended you."

      Eugene Fortnite Krabs: "Destroy Fortnite!"

      Eugene Minecraft Krabs: "Okay, but first you have to destroy Minecraft"

      Wendy: "Order burgers!"

      Ronald McDonald: "I don't give a thought about your tasteless burgers!"

      Wendy: "But your burgers are frozen, not fresh"

      Ronald McDonald: "LIES!"

      Toht: "It's not a lie"

      Ronald McDonald: "Ugh"

      Wendy: "That's right"

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    • Ronald: "I remember when that fish destroyed my place. D'oh, what a mean fish."

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    • I then start a rant about the terrible fries at McDonald's.

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    • So does Limer, one of the Sun's many candy people.
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    • I listen to it, ironically holding some McDonald's fries

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    • BlueScout
      But Howtocool swats the fries out of KKirby's hand.
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    • Then the three friends who composed the Parallelograms song at the end of Ch3P25.5 turn up and start playing their music while everything unfolds.

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    • Harry Potter than screams so loudly even the people at Nowhere hear it.

      Robot: "Stop screaming!"


      Marf: "MARF, MARF, MARF!!!"


      Robot: "Oh gosh! Two of you!"

      Eugene Potter Krabs: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

      CheeseCrocker: (yawns) "Ah, what did I- oh, I guess I should go back to my hiding spot."

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    • Meanwhile, KKirby visits my hospital room.

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    • I visit it as well since we're not at the library yet.

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    • I visit as well.

      "Poor guy, I hope he gets well soon."

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    • "He's starting to look a bit human," I say. "Should we get back to the bus?"

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    • "Not quite yet. Would him appearing human be a good thing or a bad thing? I'm sort of confused."

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    • Chase: "It isn't bad."

      Koopsers appears with bushier eyebrows, smooth skin, and human-ish nostrils. And he has some human feel to it.

      RockoRama: "We should just watch outside with the others for a little bit."

      They go outside of the room, and decide to join in on the conversation they're having.

      Harold: "I remember when Beth kissed me on the lips when we had vomit all over on ourselves."

      Morty: "Hey, I heard that you wait 3 days before eliminating somebody, What do you do in those 3 days?"

      Harold: "All we'd do is just sit around and do nothing. Literally nothing but just stare into space, or maybe play on the GameBoy."

      Owen: "Yeah, he's right."

      Eric: "Strange."

      Rocko: "Hi."

      Chase: "Hey."

      Cody: "Hey, Rocko and Chase."

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    • I run back to the bus. "We should wait for Rocko,"

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    • Nostalgia Critic: "While we wait, let's review NES!"

      Business executives: "That doesn't seem like a good idea to us"

      Nostalgia Critic: "Of course it's a good idea!"

      Business executives: "Well, the chart says..."

      Nostalgia Critic: "NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE CHARTS!"

      Nostalgia Critic then starts reading all of NES.

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    • I quickly arrive. "Right then, what do we do now?" I ask.

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    • Nostalgia Critic: "We must review every episode of SpongeBob!"

      The bus stops.

      Nostalgia Critic: "C'mon, I was getting used to the sound of the bus moving!"

      The bus stopped because we are at the coast of China.

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    • But it decides to keep going.

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    • ...Into the water.

      The bus, to our surprise, becomes a submarine and goes through the water.

      "Well, this is a bit strange, where are we going I wonder...?" I ask.

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    • Eugene Shark. Krabs (who is an actual shark) bumps us!

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    • Eugene V. Krabs then plays his favorite game, VVVVVV. (That is a real game)

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    • And Eugene V2. Krabs stops to watch his favourite movie, "Sssssss". (A legitimate movie name apparently.)

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    • Eugene S. Krabs also watches.

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    • Eugene H2. Krabs plays Fortnite.

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    • The submarine passes a massive yellow capital I, that is in the middle of the ocean. Three people are standing on it, in the water, and they sing...

      "We all live in a capital I," over and over.

      "Three people confined to a letter of the alphabet in the Pacific Ocean. Occupation: ripping off the Yellow Submarine. It just makes you think..." Rod Serling says, supposedly he got on the submarine with us when we weren't looking.

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    • Then Rocko ate some Marmalade.

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