• Hi, I saw you copied and pasted vast expanses of text from Wikipedia (directly from the English WP articles Squidward Tentacles and Patrick Star) in these edits: 1 and 2. You copied over entire sections of content from "Creation and development" and "Voice", each containing many paragraphs and references. As you might know, Wikipedia content is available to share on external wikis only with attribution. You did not credit the articles from which you copied or give attribution to the original authors (including myself and, to my knowledge, Jpcase), as is required per Wikipedia's content reuse policy (see reusing Wikipedia content and Reusers' rights and obligations).

    Instead, you seemingly tried to pass the content off as your own, simply describing the plagiarism as "Expanding" and "Adding creation and development section like the other character pages have." This makes no indication that the sections were lifted from Wikipedia, and it gives the impression that you produced the content you took. Seeing as you state to be a rollback on Wikipedia, it is clear you are familiar with Wikipedia's terms; I am confused why you would want to violate the terms and appear as if you wrote content that other authors created.

    Per Wikipedia's guidelines: If material is used without attribution, it violates the licensing terms under which it has been provided, which in turn violates the Reusers' rights and obligations clause of Wikipedia's copyrights policy.

    Please either remove the edits or place an attribution tag to the tops of the articles. The content you took, as if it was your own work, was the product of several dedicated Wikipedia editors' efforts.

    I apologize for the lengthy post, but it is upsetting to see this kind of dishonest editing as someone who has invested a lot of time into writing similar content for Wikipedia. Thank you.

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    • On this wiki we have an attribution template that we typically add to the bottom of articles. Since we are not Wikipedia at FANDOM, our policies are different and on that basis I got a little confused since I've seen numerous content here copied from Wikipedia albeit with the attribution to do so. I'll add said template to the articles, if removing them is not mandatory.

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