• Fish #1: What's going on?

    Fish #2: I don't know, but my money's the one with the chrome back side.

    Mr Krabs: Seriously? Did you just say money?

    (Microphone lowers down and Mr Krabs grabs it)

    Mr Krabs: Welcome to the fight of the century! Where for only $5.99, and the purchase of two Krabby Patties, you will plead the answer to the age-old question. Which is supirior? High-speed integrated circuits?

    Karen 2.0: Prepare to have your motherboard rubbled.

    Mr Krabs:...Or old-school vaccum tubes and diodes?

    Karen: You're about to have your cookies crumbled.

    Karen 2.0: Bring it.

    (Karen and Karen 2.0 start fighting)

    Plankton: Wait! This isn't getting me any closer to the formula.

    (Karen grabbing Karen 2.0 by the neck)

    Karen: (Growls)

    (Karen 2.0 kicks Karen)

    (Karen uppercutts Karen 2.0 and she flies backwards)

    (Karen 2.0 headbutts Karen)

    Karen 2.0: That will defrag your althorhythms.

    Plankton: (crushing sound) Ow!

    Karen 2.0: Plankton?

    (Karen 2.0 moves back from a wounded Plankton)

    (Plankton groans in pain and audience gasp)

    Karen: (shakes her head) Stop! He's hurt!

    Karen 2.0: You're throwing in the towel.

    Karen: You heartless homepage-wrecking hussy!

    (Karen's arms start spinning around rapidly and moves towards Karen 2.0)

    (Karen 2.0's screen is broken off by Karen's arms and Karen 2.0 falls to the ground and breaks)

    (Audience cheer)

    Karen: No one runs down my man. Plankie, say something.

    Plankton: Take me home, baby.

    Karen: Even though you are a tiny green loser, I could never (Screen changes to static) ...stay (Static) ... mad (Static) (Static) (Static) (Screen turns off)

    (Karen falls to the ground)

    (Plankton screams and dodges)

    Plankton: Karen! Don't you leave me, Karen. Not again.

    (Plankton opens up Karen 2.0's compartment, takes her battery out and places it in Karen's compartment)

    Plankton: I hope this works. Oh Karen, please wake up! I promise never to take you for granted again.

    (Karen's screen shows a spinning hourglass)

    Karen: (Screen changes to her speaking line) What happened?

    Plankton: I had a reality check, that's what happened.

    (Audience claps and Karen stands up)

    Plankton: Come on. let's go home to the Chum Bucket, honey

    Karen: I had the strangest dream. I dreamt there were two of me!

    Plankton: Two of you? Heh, well that is strange.

    (Karen 2.0's screen explodes. Karen and the customers leave the Krusty Krab.)

    Mr Krabs: Oh great. There goes me revenue. What am I gonna do now?

    Spongebob: Well, we could rebuild Karen 2.

    (Holds up Karen 2.0's broken screen)

    (Squidward is wearing Karen 2.0's screen as a mask)

    Squidward: Welcome to the Krusty Krab. May I take your order, beep, beep?

    Mr Krabs: Keep it up, Mr Squidward. The kids love robots.

    Squidward: Oh, well I wouldn't do to have my face in a toilet right now.

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