• A lot of people have their own "worst ScumBob episodes ever" lists but today I present to you some different thinking about those bad episodes. A lot of the time, people hate episodes because there are people being mean and rude and we are scared to be in those situations. Well just remember that this is a fictional cartoon, and these are fictional stories that real people wrote. People should not really dislike a certain character because of what they have done. It is just some fictional thing that someone wrote. I understand why people could hate that Nickelodeon is broadcasting the episodes, but to me, hating the episodes themselves is kind of illogical.

    Let's think about A Pal for Gary. The "worst SB episode ever". Because SpongeBob did not listen to the person who was selling Puffy Fluffy. And that SpongeBob kept blaming Gary for everything. Remember that is a fictional story that someone wrote. You may think that the story is stupid, but hating the episode itself A LOT is unnecessary.

    One Coarse Meal has Mr Krabs being mean by scaring Plankton and even making fun of him after he tried to commit suicide. A lot of us, even myself, wonder why in the world did Nick try to broadcast this stupid episode? That is what we should be saying instead of "This episode sucks."

    Let me know what you think about my ScumBob logic. Also, speaking of ScumBob, check out my other thread at

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