• Sorry I was gone for so long but I'm back and kicking as well!

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    • Hey Frosty Lemon! Welcome back! Yep, Bob's the name! :)

      Jcpag has been repeatedly vandalising articles for a few months now and has been facing many blocks from me and other Admins. This incident was just one of many.

      I can understand your point of view, but that left him no excuse to go after you in that manner.

      I am, however, interested in what issues he has with this wiki so we can sort them out.

      Not to worry; I'm not a fan of blocking! :)

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    • Nor am I, I've only bloked IPs

      For the time I'm going to fix some Transcripts.

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    • I'll do some work soon anyway...still have a lot to do.

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    • I know in my last message that I said I do some work, but I've changed my mind.

      I won't totally leave but this wiki is in pretty good shape and I've decided to help wikis that need more help.

      Hopefully in a few months I can come back, but for the time being, Au Revoir! FrostyLemonTalk

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    • A FANDOM user
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