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    Hello BoyInCharge55,

    Thank you for participating in the Encyclopedia SpongeBobia forums/discussions. However, you are currently in violation of one or more of our rules. Specifically, failure to follow image size restriction, arguing with administration. Please take a look and review our discussions and forums policy on these pages. If you continue to violate the rules of the discussions or forums, you may be blocked by an administrator.

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    Do not remove or close this thread.

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    • Just to add, we're doing this for the benefit of the wiki and to not inconvenience users viewing and interacting with the thread you want people to view and interact with. You're being petty. We're not asking for the images to be removed, or indeed tiny, but rather for them to not be massive. I don't want to escalate any warnings, but you're being unreasonable and escalation might be needed - ie, a block.

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    • Furthermore, I've changed the instructions back to how they should be and a block is on the table if you change it back. Thanks.

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    • Does this rule spread across EVERY spin-off of the game as well or just the main game?

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    • I really think you're overcomplicating this. We just don't want massive images on threads, disrupting users' enjoyment. That extends to all threads yes I would say. I think it's just a case of being sensible here.

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