• Can you display some sources to the episodes that you are putting in season 9? Otherwise, we will need to delete them.

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    • Also, do you reckon it's worth creating pages for the season 9 episodes - like Jailbreak!? Maybe it's best to wait until they're officially confirmed.

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    • Well, I didn't create the articles for the episodes, and I only edited them because I thought that I found real sources for the episodes.

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    • Okay, I feel we should wait longer before they're created.

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    • Okay.

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    • SpongeBob456 is right that we should wait for the episodes to be officially confirmed before creating the articles. As for the sources IHeartSpongeBob, I can't give a link as I'm not getting it from the internet. Please don't delete them because those episodes are most likely true, I gave info into Bumper to Bumper/Little Yellow Book, new DVDs and a few other things and they have all been true to the fullstop.
      I'll give airdates as soon as they are officially confirmed.FrostyLemonTalk

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    • S09E05B-Squid-Defense-Titlecard

      "Squid Defense" title card

      Lucky I've notice that FrostyLemon protected Season 9, and it's stuck with limited users, not admins. To think that I was a sport, attract means to track or pull towards so bad. Edit admins with IHeartSpongeBob, "Squid Defense" was too small by SpongeyTube!

      Look lucky with List of season 9 episodes:

      FrostyLemon protected so thanks!

      That's what I called "Protect Struck!"

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    • Snapshot 1 (3-1-2013 9-25 PM)

      Tons of Sponge Sunday promo screenshot

      Hey JCM, change "Allow All Users" protection level! Go block FrostyLemon !!!!!!!!!!!! Ha ha, teh nohin to doin, i will see u at 4 March 2013

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    • A FANDOM user
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