• Are you moving accounts if that user on the "Make ESB great again" blog User:MyNameIsDerp is you? If that user is you, I'm afraid you'll have to either keep this account and allow that account to be blocked or you move to that account and have this account blocked.

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    • Ah yes, sorry for such a late reply.

      I have no intentions on coming back to Wikia but intentions change. You can block/ban/remove that other account for sure, it's actually my friend's but he gave it to me because he hasn't been on Wikia in 4 years so I guess it's mine now.

      I am lazy and probably won't visit this website for another fortnight. I give you full permission and recommendation to do whatever you need to do to that silly account to ensure this one isn't blocked.


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    • Alright. I have blocked the account. Good to hear from users like you, always feels like I'm talking to veterans.

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    • A FANDOM user
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