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    SpongeBob and Patrick find packaging in the freezer. Mr. Krabs sees some packaging of freezer foods. Mr. Krabs gets idea from that stuff. He make his own ads. He show to Don Grouper. Don Grouper not impress then Don Grouper shows the "correct" way for capitalism. Krusty Krab becomes museum while the products is just being selling. Grocery store people go. Patrick be celeb. Mr. Krabs gets super rich and owns his own fancy building full of money. More celeb Patrick and discussing with ice cream competitor. Squidward not happy with be replaced by robots for Krusty Krab museum. SpongeBob talk to Patrick but ad person not like SpongeBob talk, SpongeBob sad then put into yellow boxes crate. Patrick feels bad when doing the adverts, thinking he'll miss his old friends. Plankton steals the secret formula, SpongeBob asks to hand it over, Plankton takes a Frozen Krabby Patty instead (thinking it be Krabby Patty real one). SpongeBob eat Frozen Krabby Patty and spew up a sand castle in return. SpongeBob determine still be real fry cook and reads real secret formula. Patrick and SpongeBob reunite at some point and SpongeBob shows the real Krabby Patty, and feel delicious it does. Then SpongeBob and Patrick sabotage by saying Frozen Krabby Patty made of sand. People spew and profits skydrop. Mr. Krabs is very sad he get suddenly almost no profit relative to his previous profits. His old Krabby Factory moved away, Mr. Krabs sad then angry. Then SpongeBob show Mr. Krabs real Krabby Patty then Mr. Krabs tries real Krabby Patty and notices how good it tastes and forgives SpongeBob.

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