• I would like to discuss whether or not Clem is the only Plankton family member in Plankton's Army that is Plankton's cousin.

    When he is calling upon the Plankton family, he refers to them as his family, not his cousins. I believe that this is proof that they are not all his cousins.

    The only proof for the claim that all of them are his cousins is the fact Clem refers to Plankton as "Cousin Plankton". The interpretation that supports this point is that Clem is calling Plankton a cousin to all of them. However, there is another interpretation. This one suggest that Clem is calling Plankton a cousin only to himself.

    I would like to know what others think about this.

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    • In April 2015, you made a thread talking about Plankton's cousins. 1 year later, you make a┬ásimilar thread about the same topic.

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    • First, I did not remember that. Second, that one did not get very far. Third, this one is more in-depth than that one.

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    • The four unnamed family members who spoke in the episode were credited as his cousins in the credits.

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