• Why did u delete my writing on 'Patrick's Staycation'?

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    • Two reasons:

      Firstly, it was a grammatical pig-sty. The punctuation was terrible and it was generally grammatically incorrect.

      Secondly, the 'trivia' itself didn't actually make any sense. "In Bummer Vacation, SpongeBob asked Mr.Krabs "What's A Vacation?", which means he didn't know what the word 'vacation' means until Mr.Krabs told him . However, he says to Patrick in this episode "You can take a vacation at home!" which means he knows what the word means."

      Bummer Vacation was in season 4 and Patrick's Staycation was in season 8. This means that when Mr. Krabs told him what a vacation means in season 4, SpongeBob remembers it and mentions it again in season 8. So, of course he knows what it means. It really isn't needed in the slightest.

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    • Sorry! I forgot to proof-read it! It was my first time editing a wiki!

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