• Hey Cmc, I just noticed that you added your Season 8 ratings to your profile! Overall, these ratings are pretty agreeable for the most part (except Staycation¬†:(), though I admittedly do wish It's a SpongeBob Christmas! wasn't your favourite of the season as I consider that episode to be a little bit overrated, though IRYO on that anyways. Demolition Doofus is also a sorta generic pick for the worst, but I can still absolutely understand why you would hate that episode the most, because that episode is seriously straightup garbage and one of the worst of the entire series. Also, I am kinda surprised seeing Treats! rated as Terrible, as I used to find that episode pretty good last time, so seeing that episode that low somewhat makes me worried.

    Also, I am glad you hate House Sittin' for Sandy, that episode has zero structure or plot.

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