• First, this was not a poorly made page, honestly it's the best anyone could do for this. Two, your complaint, " Too minor for it's own role", what do you mean?! This wiki has a page ON THE DEEP FRYER, THE DEEP FRYER, how is anything to minor for this.

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    • Your new article is poorly formatted and the writing is sub-standard.

      The deep fryer is a recurring object and has served important roles in episodes like “Restraining SpongeBob” and “Squiditis.” The Triple Krabby Supreme is almost identical to a normal Krabby Patty and the plot would not change even if it was not given a unique name.

      It is not allowed to recreate deleted articles without first creating a request for restoration and waiting for community consenseus.

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    • Ok, I have to admit my formatting was kinda trash, and you really didn't have to remind me how my writing is on par of pre-schooler, but if my page will not be restored I kindly ask that someone with actual formatting skills (this was my first time making a page) and grammar and writing that doesn't resemble and frozen tumbleweed on a keyboard makes it instead. It deserves a page as much as anything else

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    • I also want to say sorry for some things said in my first message, was kinda annoyed that my page was gonna be deleted like a aimbotting sniper getting kicked from a match, I don't think my page was up for even 5 minutes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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