• I need to have the older version of the 101DS fanon wiki taken down, as one of the blocked users on that site has made a new and improved version.

    Check it out:

    Ian is just a troll on the older site and hasn't made it returned to its original form, so I believe he should also be globalled or disabled.

    I even try to contract to the FANDOM staff to globalled his account as well for his behavior.

    By the way, I am one of the bureaucrats on the canon wiki.

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    • Hey there. As it stands, I think creating the new fanon wiki was a good choice. As the founder of the original Fanon Wiki and an admin there, they are entitled to block who they want really - that is the right of all admins.

      They have told me they regretted making some of those changes to the wiki and have indeed reverted some of them.

      Right now, I think it's best to move on and focus your efforts on the new wiki and we can go from there. :)

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    • Thanks dude, I will move on with the newer wiki, as the older wiki is still a mess and with me being blocked on there, I really hope it does get closed soon with Ian being globalled.

      Like before, I have contracted to FANDOM staff.

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    • Good idea. Don't forget you can contact me about things like global blocking that user, given I'm assigned to 101DS Wiki (so loosely the Fanon Wiki). We'll see how the situation develops but I wouldn't worry or focus too much attention on it. Lots of exciting things happening on your other wikis! :)

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    • Yeah, it is so exciting, so thanks for the help manager. Hopefully things will start being better for the future.

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    • I'm sure they will! Not a problem at all, happy to help. :)

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    • Thanks.

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    • No problem!

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    • A FANDOM user
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