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They Blow Up So Fast! is a SpongeBob SquarePants book written by Nickelodeon and published by Simon & Schuster on February 2, 2004. It is based on the episode "Bubble Buddy."


"A quirky comedy about a bubbly, off-beat sea sponge has been keeping kids from diapers to college completely entertained for over two years, and there's no stopping in sight.

With a bubble-blower necklace blistered to the cover and a best-loved Bikini Bottom story inside, this book will be fathoms of fun for any SpongeBob fan."


  • On the front cover, Squidward is seen in a lawn chair, although in the episode based on this book, he is at work.

Cultural references

  • The title is a pun on the phrase "They grow up so fast" and is a line from the episode "Bubble Buddy."