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"There's a Sponge in My Soup" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from Season 11. In this episode, Mr. Krabs’ new Krabby Soup is a hit – until some heat-loving hippies move into the soup vat.



The episode begins on a windy winter day in the Krusty Krab kitchen, where Mr. Krabs has brought SpongeBob some ingredients for the new Krabby Soup. The ingredients include a half-eaten Krabby Patty, two moldy pickles, and some smashed potatoes that look like Squidward. SpongeBob asks him if he got the ingredients from the garbage, but he claims that he intercepted them before they made it to the garbage. Mr. Krabs then starts listing everyone he wants to try the soup and SpongeBob asks about hippies, to which Mr. Krabs angrily repeats "hippies." SpongeBob informs him that there are hippies living out back by the hydrothermal vent. Mr. Krabs goes out to remove the hippies from his property, but they refuse to leave. He accidentally falls into the vent, and the hippies go inside the kitchen where it is warm. The hippies hop into the Krabby soup, while Mr. Krabs seals off the vent. When he returns to the kitchen, he and SpongeBob notice that the soup is just broth. He tells SpongeBob that he can add more ingredients. When SpongeBob throws in some ingredients, they keep getting eaten by the hippies and SpongeBob believes they are disappearing. He puts in an onion that they throw back out at him.

At the tables, the hippies keep popping out of the customers' soup. They return the soup to Squidward at the counter, who tries to throw them in the trash but is stopped by Mr. Krabs. Mr. Krabs then returns the soup to the pot, but is surprised to see the hippies slide in. He orders them to leave, but they refuse. Mr. Krabs tries to fish them out with long hair as bait, but is unsuccessful. He then tries to tempt them with a crochet foot-bag, but they end up kicking it into the pot with them. Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and Squidward then form a drum circle that leads the hippies out. However, their hands begin to cramp and they can no longer beat the drums. Mr. Krabs says "I wish we had another drummer," to which SpongeBob pulls out a toy monkey drummer. This causes the hippies to go back to the soup, claiming "Drum machines aren't cool."

Mr. Krabs sends SpongeBob into the soup to remove the hippies. After having a conversation with the hippies, they all begin to meditate and SpongeBob becomes a hippie himself. Mr. Krabs pulls SpongeBob out and realizes he has gone too deep, so he sends him back in. Upon entering the soup again, SpongeBob finds Patrick, who also appears to be a hippie. SpongeBob says everything is getting confusing and goes to have a Krabby Patty to calm himself down.

Back in the kitchen, SpongeBob realizes the Krusty Krab appears to be different. He exits the kitchen and finds Mr. Krabs meditating. Mr. Krabs tells him that he had to shut down the Krusty Krab since SpongeBob was not there to make the patties. This upsets SpongeBob, so they start dancing to cheer him up. SpongeBob asks him if they can reopen the Krusty Krab, to which Mr. Krabs replies "I thought you'd never ask." In order to get rid of the hippies, they remember that they need to be someplace warm. They send the hippies to Squidward's bathtub, which shocks him when he begins to take a bath. He ends the episode yelling "hippies!"


The episode was confirmed by Vincent Waller on July 4, 2017.[2]



Rough Storyboard Theres A Sponge In My Soup by Kelly Armstrong


There's a Sponge in my Soup Final



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Drunken Sailor - Nicolas Carr [Title card.]

  The Achterhoek Dances - Jan Rap [Opening.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 14 - Jeremy Wakefield [Smashed potatoes sink into the soup.]
  Sponge Burgler Revisited - Nicolas Carr [Flashback of Mr. Krabs grabbing food from the trash.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 1 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Hippies?"]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 17 - Jeremy Wakefield [Krabs stretches his eyes in disbelief.]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Group of hippies introduced.]
  Malaysia - Nino Nardini, Roger Roger [Krabs orders hippies to leave.]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Krabs drops a paisley.]
  Malaysia - Nino Nardini, Roger Roger [Krabs falls on the hydrothermal vent.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 14 - Jeremy Wakefield [Krabs' eyes disintegrate.]
  Hey Man - Warren Bennett [Hippies jump into the soup pot.]
  Another Krusty Krab Day - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr [Krabs tasting the soup.]
  Another Best Day Ever - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob adding ingredients to the soup.]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Transition to next scene.]
  ? [Customers see hippies in their soups.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 16 - Jeremy Wakefield ["There are hippies in the soup!"]
  Shock (f) - Dave Hewson ["Avast there, ye invertebrate!"]
  Noodly Shenanigans - Nicolas Carr, Barry Anthony [SpongeBob thinks the soup is haunted.]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Krabs and SpongeBob see the hippies.]
  Malaysia - Nino Nardini, Roger Roger ["Hey hey Mr. K, how much money did you make today?"]
  Dramatic Impact 6 - Ivor Slaney [Krabs' eyes explode.]
  Military Manoeuver - Philippe Guez, Patrick Maarek [Krabs orders the hippies to leave the soup.]
  Fight! Fight! Fight! - Will Schaefer [Hippies refusing to leave the soup.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 5 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Why don't you just dump the soup out?"]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Transition to next scene.]
  ? [Long hair bait.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 1 - Jeremy Wakefield [Krabs grumbles.]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Transition to next scene.]
  The Scene - James Taylor [Hippies playing crocheted footbag in the soup.]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Transition to next scene.]
  Hippy Drum Circle - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob, Krabs, and Squidward playing bongos.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 22 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Ah, my claws!"]
  Got It - Nicolas Carr ["I've got a drummer, Mr. Krabs!"]
  Drum Machines Aint Cool - Nicolas Carr [toy monkey drum]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Transition to next scene.]
  ? [SpongeBob dives into the soup.]
  Farout and Groovy - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob joins the hippies.]
  Psychedelic 60's 08 110 A - Big Fish Audio [Hippie Patrick in soup.]
  Descent Into Madness - Nicolas Carr [Krusty Krab abandoned.]
  Bathroom Nirvana - Nicolas Carr [Krabs meditating.]
  Hot Steel and Slide Licks 7 - Jeremy Wakefield ["Making Krabby Patties was my number one favorite thing ever to do in the whole world!"]
  Farout and Groovy - Nicolas Carr [Dance music.]
  Cheap and Frozen Jig 2 - Michael Bolger, Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield ["I thought you'd never ask!"]
  Sitar Transition - Nicolas Carr [Transition to next scene.]
  Hey Man - Warren Bennett [Hippies in Squidward's bathroom.]
  Lap Steel - Nicolas Carr [Ending.]




Cultural references

  • The episode's title comes from "There's a fly in my soup!".
  • The line "Make soup, not war" alludes to the hippie slogan "Make love, not war."
  • The line "Hey hey, Mr. K, how much money did you make today?" comes from the Vietnam War protest chant "Hey hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"
    • The line "Heck no, we won't go!" references another Vietnam War protest chant, "Hell no, we won't go!"


  • When Crystal Dave says, "Hey, Freaky Friends, it's warm in here," his voice sounds like Moon Gills.



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