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"The Yard Sale" is a The Patrick Star Show episode from season 1. In this episode, GrandPat prevents his precious memories from being sold at a family yard sale.



The episode starts as GrandPat is in his boat fishing in a lake while sleeping. It is then revealed that it was only a dream. Then, dream GrandPat feels the ground moving, but is annoyed that real-life GrandPat is still sleeping. Real life GrandPat then wakes up and sees the his family is having a hard sale. He sees they are trying to give away some of belonging apparently without his consent. When they try to give away his stuff, GrandPat will fight back saying that it is "not for sale," followed by a flashback from his past.

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"I can turn into a skyscraper!"
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Running gags

  • GrandPat refusing to let customers buy his items at the yard sale and offering a lollipop instead.
  • Whenever GrandPat tries to pull the bad tooth out of Pearl's pet dragon, he breaths fire on him.




 ) Production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Tropical Combo - Lionel Wendling [Intro]
  Pepito from Tampico A - Ronald Sekura, Otto Sieben [GrandPat notices the yard sale]
  ? ["Oh no. They wouldn't dare."]
  Adventure Story - John Hastings [GrandPat sees that his possessions are missing]
  Target - Hans Ehrlinger [GrandPat accelerates on his stairlift]
  King of the Giants C - John Fox, Otto Sieben ["My belongings are not for sale!"]
  Park Avenue B - Paul Lenart, Bill Novick, Ego Plum [Patrick sells the chest of jewels]
  Drama Link (B) - Hubert Clifford ["Hand it over."]
  ? [GrandPat swallows the chest]
  Woe is Me! - Richard Myhill [GrandPat explains the sentimentalism of his antiques.]
  The Great White (G) - Gregor Narholz [GrandPat exclaims]
  Fun Sting F - Gregor Narholz [GrandPat trembles]
  Mini Mysterioso - Johnny Pearson ["Take this novelty thumb, for instance."]
  Once Upon a Time - Gregor Narholz ["What is it grandfather? What do you see?"]
  ? [The Clamosseum]
  To Death or Glory - Laurie Johnson [The crowd cheers for Moronicus]
  Salute to Caesar 2 [#19.3] - Gregor Narholz ["He came from a famous family of battling morons..."]
  Clowns - Dick Walter [GrandPat as a clown]
  ? [GrandPat's clown nose gets blown off]
  Ramses - Gregor Narholz [The crowd votes against GrandPat]
  Charivari Clowns - Daniel Jean Jeannin [GrandPat blows a balloon dog]
  Journey Through the Mist 1 - Andrew Pearce [Moronicus is injured]
  Salute to Caesar 1 - Gregor Narholz [The crowd approves of GrandPat]
  Park Avenue B - Paul Lenart, Bill Novick, Ego Plum ["So, tell me about ancient Rome!"]
  Nude Sting - Nicolas Carr [GrandPat in surprise]
  Buying Spree - William Loose [Squidina and Bunny try to sell tools to Bubble Bass]
  Clumsy A - Bernd Gesell ["Those ain't nose hair pullers!"]
  Mini Mysterioso - Johnny Pearson [GrandPat has another flashback]
  Ancient Proclamation - Thomas Farnon ["It was the Dark Ages, and I was the only toothsmith in the kingdom."]
  Fusee Dans Le Ciel - Jean-Jacques Perrey [GrandPat trying to pull a tooth]
  ? ["Thanks!"]
  Victory March - John Leach ["You can rinse now, my good man."]
  Regal Short - Thomas Farnon ["A royal jelly message, from the palace!"]
  Vivace Celestiale B - Heinrich Schuetz, Otto Sieben [GrandPat reads the message]
  Olympia Fanfare 2 - Gregor Narholz ["I will yank out your pain, my princess!"]
  Regal Announcement - Thomas Farnon ["By my pliers, I swear!"]
  Medieval Castle - Leo Chadburn [GrandPat travels to the castle]
  Overture - Gregor Narholz [Princess Pearlina appears]
  Six Comedy Cues - Descending 2 - Bruce Campbell [Pearl falls from her tower and lands on GrandPat]
  Vivace Celestiale B - Heinrich Schuetz, Otto Sieben ["I applaud your swift arrival, good dentist."]
  Fun Sting F - Gregor Narholz [Pearl pushes GrandPat away]
  The Silver Blade - Ilona Sekacz ["Oh no, no, no. It is not my tooth that is in horrible pain."]
  Evil Wizard OL - Udi Harpaz [The dragon emerges]
  Hawaiian Flower - Jon Jelmer [The dragon has the toothache]
  Evil Wizard OL - Udi Harpaz [GrandPat's mule runs away]
  Coming For You - Bartosz Maksymilian Szpak [GrandPat enters the dragon's mouth]
  Pepito from Tampico A - Ronald Sekura, Otto Sieben [GrandPat hammering the dragon's teeth]
  The Great White (G) - Gregor Narholz ["Watch it, Buster!"]
  Baroque Ball (a) - Michael Mollo ["Honest mistake, my good chap."]
  ? [The knight laughs]
  ? [Skeleton of another knight]
  Baroque Ball (a) - Michael Mollo ["Uh, no thanks. I'm just looking for a bad tooth."]
  Bridge H - Gregor Narholz [GrandPat finds the bad tooth]
  Evil Wizard OL - Udi Harpaz [GrandPat nearly gets burnt]
  Pepito from Tampico A - Ronald Sekura, Otto Sieben [GrandPat tries to extract the tooth]
  Evil Wizard OL - Udi Harpaz [GrandPat nearly gets burnt again.]
  Pepito From Tampico A - Ronald Sekura, Otto Sieben [GrandPat continues to try and extract the tooth]
  Evil Wizard OL - Udi Harpaz [GrandPat nearly gets burnt for a third time.]
  Pepito From Tampico A - Ronald Sekura, Otto Sieben [GrandPat continues to try and extract the tooth again.]
  Evil Wizard OL - Udi Harpaz [GrandPat nearly gets burnt for a fourth time.]
  Pepito From Tampico A - Ronald Sekura, Otto Sieben [GrandPat gets help extracting the tooth.]
  Evil Wizard OL - Udi Harpaz [GrandPat, Pearl, and the knights all get burnt.]
  Mystery Solved - Alan Wynn [The tooth is extracted]
  Mighty Ocean - Ronald Hanmer [GrandPat leaves the castle.]
  Madder Than Mad - Jean-Jacques Perrey [GrandPat gives a lollipop to Bubble Bass]
  Little England - Paddy Kingsland ["And you're not selling my dragon tooth furniture either!"]
  Alien Spacecraft A - Gregor F. Narholz ["How much for the brain?"]
  Mini Mysterioso - Johnny Pearson
  Many Good Wishes - Alfred Jack, Peter Esching [Patrick sells the vacuum cleaner to Mr.Krabs.]
  Mini Mysterioso - Johnny Pearson
  Western Panorama - Neil Richardson, Gordon Rees
  The Easy Winners - Benedic Lamdin, Scott Joplin [GrandPat pitches his vacuum cleaner]
  Musette Madeleine - Roland Kovac [The mime gives a sad performance]
  Drama Link (C) - Hubert Clifford ["You're no mime cleaner. You're a gold stealer!"]
  The Easy Winners - Benedic Lamdin, Scott Joplin
  Rodeo - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [GrandPat vacuums the mine]
  The Easy Winners - Benedic Lamdin, Scott Joplin
  Northern Home - Paul Hart, David Arnold
  Western Panorama - Neil Richardson, Gordon Rees
  Chumbucket Rhumba - Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [Krabs runs off with the vacuum cleaner]
  Alone In The Old House - Gregor Narholz
  Mini Mysterioso - Johnny Pearson
  ? - Ego Plum
  Salute to Caesar 2 [#19.3] - Gregor Narholz
  Creatures in the Closet - Cris Velasco
  ? - Ego Plum
  Salute to Caesar 1 - Gregor Narholz
  Park Avenue B - Paul Lenart, Bill Novick, Ego Plum
  ? - Ego Plum
  Six Powerful Cues F - Wilfred William Burns
  Space Age Swingers - Wendie Colter, Willie Aron
  Drama Link (O) - Hubert Clifford ["I wish I had a new grandpa."]
  Old Fortyniner - Nicolas Carr [Pappy Farmer Ad]
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Cultural references

  • One of the items on sale is a figure of the rocket van from Breadwinners. This was added as an intentional reference by the episode's designer, Sterling Richter, as it was the first Nickelodeon show she worked on.
  • A store in the future is called "Forever 87," a reference to real-life clothing store Forever 21.
  • A little girl assumes that GrandPat's oldie-o is a "loopy-hoop," a reference to hula hoops. The name "hula hoop" is trademarked.