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The Ugly Barnacle is a very short story that Patrick tells to SpongeBob in the episode "Something Smells." While meant to cheer up SpongeBob, it instead worsens his already weak self-esteem. Because of this, Patrick insists they scream on top of SpongeBob's house to get rid of his depression instead.

The story

Once there was an ugly barnacle.
He was so ugly that everyone died.
The end.


  • This story has become popular on many social media platforms, listed in many "Funniest SpongeBob Moments" lists.
  • This story is thought to be a parody of the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling.
    • The Ugly Duckling would later get referenced again in "Roller Cowards" as "The Ugly Mollusk."
  • In the German dub, the ugly barnacle is called "Der hässliche Blaubarsch," which translates to "the ugly bluefish." This is not the only instance in the series where barnacle is translated as Blaubarsch, the other being Barnacle Boy (ger. Blaubarschbube).
  • A book titled "The Ugly Barnacle" appears on Patrick's shelf in "I Smell a Pat."