The Trench is a location that appears in the film The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and its many adaptations.


The Trench is a massive channel filled with several different Trench monsters. There is a rickety wooden staircase leading down to it. It is on the path to Shell City and it is beyond The County Line. Beyond The Trench there is a valley filled with trash.

The Trench is very similar to other Trenches such as Rock Bottom and The Abyss from "20,000 Patties Under the Sea."

Role in movie

The Trench is an obstacle that SpongeBob and Patrick have to pass through to get to Shell City. Both of them jump down into the pit after Princess Mindy "turns them into men." When they are at the bottom they sing the song "Now That We're Men" and befriend the Trench Monsters who help lead them out of The Trench and into the valley.

Role in video game

It serves as the main location of the level "Now That We're Men" in the movie game adaptation, where SpongeBob must get through it and fight a bunch of monsters before the player proceeds to Shell City as Patrick.


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