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"The Treasure of Kamp Koral" is a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode from Season 1. In this episode, SpongeBob and Patrick find buried treasure at camp, but Mr. Krabs becomes desperate to get his claws on it.



The episode starts with SpongeBob and Patrick trying to order something until Mr. Krabs gets mad because they keep changing orders. He then tells the two that they need to order something when Patrick finds a shovel in the trash and buys it. They then play with the "Pirate shovel." When Patrick bumps into a tree and falls, SpongeBob comes and sees that Patrick made an X and starts digging. They eventually find a huge treasure chest, which contains Mr Krabs' money.

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 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  Capstan Hornpipe - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Opening.]
  Can Can - Dick Stephen Walter ["A book on how to do the Can Can!"]
  ? [They spot an "Ultimate Chocolate Crunch Bar."]
  Caught Out - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Krabs goes up the ladder.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr ["You wanna buy me garbage?"]
  ? [He tells them it's a "pirate shovel".]
  Blue Peter - Ashworth Hope [SpongeBob & Patrick pretend to be pirates.]
  Sailor's Hornpipe (a) - Richard A. Harvey, Brian Gulland [Patrick uses his underwear as a map.]
  Heroic Saga - Ronald Hanmer [Patrick starts digging.]
  We Put to Sea! - Dick Stephen Walter [Chest full of money.]
  ? [Transition to next scene.]
  Saucy Jack - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [SpongeBob and Patrick are loaded with cash.]
  Cricket On The Spree - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Krabs gives them the chocolate bar.]
  ? [Spongebob and Patrick burp.]
  Cricket On The Spree - Tommy Reilly, James Moody
  ? [Fake end credits.]
  Be Alert - Tommy Reilly ["Maybe you boys would like to buy something else before you go!"]
  Jack Tar's Hornpipe - John Leach [They buy more stuff.]
  ? ["Y'know, Patrick? Owning lots of stuff is great.."]
  Jaunty Joe - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Krabs comes in.]
  Personal Secretary - Frederick Phillips [Montage of SpongeBob and Patrick spending money on luxury.]
  Derby - Jan Schneeberg [SpongeBob & Patrick playing with crossbows.]
  Beach Boy - Peter Dennis [At lunch.]
  Childs's Play - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [At Porpoise Peak.]
  Slap Happy Slapstick - Norman Dane [Krabs gives them a wagon ride.]
  Crazy Capers - Norman Dane [The wagon rolls down the mountain.]
  ? [Krabs is all bruised up.]
  Jolly Jack Tar - Frederick Charrosin [Krabs eats a can of money like Popeye.]
  Allons A Tahiti - Lionel Wendling [He gives the other kids a wagon ride.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr ["Generous?"]
  Maniac Pursuit - Trevor Duncan ["You... ran out... of money?!"]
  Whistling Star - Tommy Reilly, James Moody [Krabs pulls himself together.]
  Secret Sleuth - Richard Myhill [Krabs hides his newly earned money.]
  New Direction-End - Glen Somers [He notices his other money is missing.]
  ? - Nicolas Carr [He sees Patrick's underwear in the chest.]
  Sailors Hornpipe (a) - Richard Allen Harvey [He finds out the truth.]
  ? [Transition to next scene.]
  Roscoff - Ludovic Beier [Krabs buries his money.]
  Old Mama Roro - Kapono Beamer [Ending.]



  • This was the first Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode to premiere on American television without its sister episode.
  • This episode holds the record for the least viewed episode in the franchise, with only 255,000 US viewers.
  • The episode's plot is somewhat similar to its original predecessor, "Arrgh!," as both episodes have to do with SpongeBob and Patrick finding buried treasure.
  • This is the first appearance of Bikini Atoll in a Kamp Koral: SpongeBob's Under Years episode.
  • SpongeBob inserting money into Mr. Krabs is a reference to vending machines and/or kiddie rides that run on money. It could also be a reference to the episode "Gary's Got Legs."

Cultural references

  • Mr. Krabs eating the can of money to become strong again is a reference to Popeye eating spinach to become strong.



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