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The SpongeBob Community
A screenshot of the V11 Starfish skin, the current default.
Founded: August 15, 2009
Founder: terminoob
Administrators: jjsthekid (2010-2013; 2013-present)
Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick (2013-2018)
JCM (2015-2017; 2018-present)
teenj12 (2018-present)
Fry Cooks: Cha (2018-present)
Patty Sponge (2018-present)
LocalAquatic (2018-present)

The SpongeBob Community is a SpongeBob SquarePants fansite founded by terminoob on August 15, 2009. It initially garnered traction by gaining a community from the SpongeBob boards on after several incidents involving the moderators there.


The SpongeBob Community was formed after incidents at the SpongeBob Boards left a large amount of users banned. Initially created with the intent of serving banned or suspended members exclusively, the site gradually grew to be all-inclusive (although at the disproval of terminoob). The site had a plain white skin as its default design, which changed when terminoob shifted power to that70sguy92, making him the Main Admin. This shift in power set the stage for the unremitting power struggle between terminoob and 70s that would define the divide in the forums until mid-2010, when terminoob finally resigned as Main Administrator.

The terminoob Era

Although 70s had virtually run the Community since its beginning, terminoob soon returned as a Main Administrator. With two heads of the forum with vastly differing opinions, 70s ultimately led the forum and developed a close working relationship with member tvguy347, who is credited with giving 70s the inspiration to forge forward with SBC at a point of low activity. terminoob was left out of the loop as the partnership between tvguy and 70s strengthened. Expressing his distaste at a regular member playing such an active role in the staff, terminoob attempted to become more involved. He instituted a number of strict policies and repeatedly referred to his founders' status in order to enforce such policies. On June 20, 2010, 70s briefly gave tvguy administrative powers for the purpose of investigating a bug on the site. Upon hearing this news, terminoob promptly resigned the same day, stating he was out of the loop, he hated what the site was becoming, and he assumed he would regain control from 70s upon his return.

The 70s Era

Celebrated as new beginning, 70s assumed full political control of SBC. He restructured the staff immediately, promoting jjsthekid and tvguy347 as admins and four new moderators. He also relaxed the rules and removed several of terminoob's harsher policies. However, due to terminoob remaining the founder of the site on Forumotion, he retained administrative power and the ability to delete the site. This issue persisted later in the month of July 2010, when terminoob threatened to delete the forums unless tvguy was removed as an administrator. tvguy was briefly removed as an admin, replaced by ExKizuna, and later reinstated as the fourth administrator.

70s oversaw escalated tensions with rival forum, SpongeBuddy Mania, including the most hostile period in SBM-SBC relations in its history. On November 25, 2010, a large fight occurred in SBC's thread on SBM, resulting in a makeshift treaty composed by SBM's PhilipB. The following day, November 27, 2010, SBC was attacked by SBM members in a 32-minute spam raid. 70s responded vigorously, vowing to holds those responsible accountable. The rivalry between the two forums intensified with SBM's v3 Christmas release, following several days later by SBC's V5. The close proximity of the releases caused an uproar on SBM, members accusing SBC of allegedly ripping off SBM's design. 70s era as Main Admin ended after a site wide 'Civil War' broke out which ended up ridding the site of the Main Admin position and allowed for a more balanced staff with the new democratic position, Lead Administrator.

The Aquatic Nuggets Era (2013-2015)

Aquatic Nuggets assumed power in June 2013. Jjsthekid and tvguy returned as administrators two months after they resigned. Nuggets oversaw a second attempt to launch SpongeBob Universe, what he dubbed "SBU Squared." tvguy and MDPP reunited to create the followup to the beloved Orca, called Oceans 9, alongside Nuggets. Oceans was launched alongside the second SBU launch, both of which failed to achieve the same success Orca had. Ocean was criticized for being slow, pretentious, and lacking in features. While SBU briefly achieved a 20-user spike in activity for SBC, it did not have any long-lasting effects on SBC. Additionally, the SB Wiki became increasingly hostile towards the partnership and impatient with its progress. Inconsistencies between the three SBU sites, lackluster features, and poor execution led the SB Wiki to hold a referendum in August 2013 where they voted to withdraw from SBU. With the SB Fanon Wiki mired in its own internal problems, SBU was officially dissolved on January 1, 2014. Meanwhile, following the backlash to Oceans 9, MDPP, tvguy, and Nuggets surprise-released Tiki 10 on New Year's Eve 2013. A radical forum redesign, Tiki polarized the board. Some users praised the unorthodox design while others hated it. Tiki marked the last release that was a result of tvguy, MDPP, and Nuggets working together. tvguy left the staff permanently in coordination with Tiki's release alongside ssj and teenj.

Aside from SBU and Tiki, Nuggets started a weekly content-sharing event called Good Fridays that gave users a sneak peek at upcoming SBC features and events. He oversaw the release of Teams 3, several Christmas and Halloween events, and a variety of staff mixups. He ultimately brought stable leadership to SBC not only following the collapse of SBU, but also for the first time in its history. Conflict plagued the administrations of terminoob, 70s, and tvguy. Nuggets brought a sense of professionalism and maturity not previously seen on SBC. In the first peaceful transfer of power in SBC history not marred by drama or conflict, Aquatic Nuggets stepped down as Lead Admin on January 16, 2015 and named jjsthekid his successor. He remained an administrator until September 20, 2015.

The jjsthekid Era (2015-Present)


Logo for the Midnight Sponge theme

Jjsthekid came into power as SBC began to grow out of the vision for the site established by tvguy, which was dominated by SpongeBob Universe and Orca. He oversaw the release of Starfish 11 on September 25, 2015, the first release not influenced by any Orca design elements, as well as the first not designed by tvguy. Starfish received critical acclaim and was lauded as the greatest SBC release since Orca three years earlier. Jjs also ushered in a new period of peace on SBC, devoid of the drama that existed on the site for most of its history. Immensely popular with forum members, jjs is deeply rooted in the Community and has overseen an unprecedented number of forum events, including March Madness, Camp SBC, The Fry Cook Games, Freebooter February, Summer Knights, July of Justice, the return of Spin Off Festivals, May Mayhem, and the reintroduction of things like Customer Appreciation Weekend. His tenure has also included new site features such as the launch of SpongeCraft, SBC Music 2.0, the revival of Wheel of Fortune, and Clubs.

For a time, jjs maintained the most stable administrative panel in SBC history. He, JCM, and MDPP served as the admins of SBC for nearly 2 years, the longest any group of admins have served together consecutively (without resignations or removal). Cream became the first female administrator in SBC history in 2017, as well as the first new SBC admin in over 2 years at the time of her promotion, also a record. However, following Metalgate in June 2018, the first real drama of jjs's tenure, both Cream and Metal Snake resigned. Later in the same month, Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick resigned and JCM took over his position as technical administrator.

Jjsthekid is both the longest-serving admin and lead admin in SBC history, having served as an admin for over 7 years and as lead admin for over 3 years.

List of Staff


A table showing SBC's staff through history.

Current Administrators

jjsthekid (June 21, 2010 - present; Lead Administrator)

JCM (2015-2017; July 2, 2018 - present)

teenj12 (July 13, 2018 - present)

Current Moderators

Fred Rechid (November 11, 2016 - present)

OWM (April 9, 2018 - present)

Trophy (Janurary 24, 2019 - present)

Current Fry Cooks

Cha (June 7, 2018 - present)

Patty Sponge (June 7, 2018 - present)

LocalAquatic (October 5, 2018 - present)

Former Lead Administrators of SBC

1. terminoob (2009-2010)

2. that70sguy92 (2009-2011)

3. tvguy347 (2012-2013)

4. Aquatic Nuggets (2013-2015)

Former Administrators

1. that70sguy92 (2009-2011)

2. terminoob (2009-2010)

3. tvguy347 (2010-2014)

4. ExKizuna (2010-2011)

5. Wumbology (2011-2013)

6. Clappy (2011-2013)

7. CDCB (2012)

8. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick (2012-2018)

9. ssj4gogita4 (2012-2014)

10. Aquatic Nuggets (2013-2015)

11. JCM (2015-2017) [1]

12. Cream (2017-2018)

Former Moderators

1. tvguy347 (January 2010 to September 2011)

2. jjsthekid (January 2010 to August 2010)

3. spongebobs1fan (January 2010 to May 2011)

4. Wumbology (June 2010 to May 2011; June 9, 2013 to August 30, 2014)

5. Dragiiin123 (June 2010 to November 2010)

6. SG10 (June 2010)

7. thesuitelife44 (July 2010)

8. ExKizuna (August 2010; August 2011)

9. CF3689 (August 2010 to May 2011)

10. Jelly (May 2011 to July 2012)

11. SpongeSebastian (May 2011 to August 2012)

12. teenj12 (May 25, 2011 to July 2011, September 29, 2011 to January 2, 2014)

13. terminoob (July 2012 to September 2012)

14. Aquatic Nuggets (September 2012 to January 2013)

15. JCM (September 2012 to May 19, 2013; August 22, 2014 to September 20, 2015)

16. Old Man Jenkins (January 18, 2013 to May 22, 2013)

17. ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1 (August 22, 2014 - February 21, 2016)

18. Patty Sponge (October 13, 2014 - November 11, 2016)

19. tyeamwork (October 2, 2015 - January 6, 2017)

20. crushingmayhem (February 12, 2016 - April 9, 2018)

21. Metal Snake (January 6, 2017 - June 4, 2018)

22. Homie (July 13, 2018 - January 8, 2019)

Former Graphic Designers

1. Devient (August 2010)

2. Spongebobs1fan (August 2010 - December 2010)

3. Rubber Ducky (August 2010 - September 2010)

4. TarterSauce25 (October 2010 - December 2010)

5. Jelly|JellyfishJammer (December 2010 - May 2011)

6. Steel Sponge (December 2010 - November 2011)

7. Face (December 2010 - April 2011)

8. Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick (March 2011 - December 2012)

9. CDCB (May 2011 - November 2011)

10. Spongygirl92 (October 2011 - January 2012)

11. Mothra (October 2011 - December 2012)

12. SpongeBabe (July 2012 - December 2012)

13. JCM (June 7, 2017 - July 2, 2018)

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  1. ^ JCM is both a currently serving and former administrator due to a year gap between resigning as an admin in May 2017 and returning in July 2018.
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