The Pods are a dance troupe seen in the episode "Sharks vs. Pods." As later revealed in the episode, they are a dance group that Squidward is a notable member of.


The Pods are first seen just after their rivals, The Sharks, are kicked out of their favorite hangout. After a few words, The Pods challenge The Sharks to a showdown later in the day. Later, The Pods confront The Sharks with SpongeBob thinking it is a fight. Squidward steps in and tells SpongeBob that The Pods are a dance troupe and so are The Sharks. After everything is cleared up, The Pods and The Sharks finally face off in a dance contest but the police force shows up revealing they are a dance troupe as well. Even after the Internal Affairs appear, The Sharks manage to win the contest thanks to SpongeBob.


  • The group is a reference to the group "The Socials" in the 1983 film The Outsiders.
  • "Pod" is short for cephalopod.
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