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The Patrick Star Show Season 1, Volume 1 is a The Patrick Star Show DVD that was released on June 21, 2022 and contains the first 13 half-hours of season 1.


  • Note: Episodes marked with a single asterisk (*) are unavailable in French and episodes marked with a double asterisk (**) are unavailable in French and Spanish.

Disc 1

1a - "Late for Breakfast"
1b - "Bummer Jobs"
2a - "Stair Wars"
2b - "Enemies à la Mode"
3a - "Lost in Couch"
3b - "Pat-a-thon"
4 - "The Yard Sale"
5a - "Squidina's Little Helper"
5b - "I Smell a Pat"
6a - "Gas Station Vacation"
6b - "Bunny the Barbarian"
7a - "The Haunting of Star House"
7b - "Who's a Big Boy?"
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Disc 2

8 - "Terror at 20,000 Leagues"*
9a - "To Dad and Back"*
9b - "Survivoring"*
10a - "Just in Time for Christmas"*
10b - "Klopnodian Heritage Festival"*
11a - "X Marks the Pot"**
11b - "Patrick's Alley"**
12a - "Pearl Wants to Be a Star"**
12b - "Super Sitters"**
13a - "Nitwit Neighborhood News"**
13b - "Mid-Season Finale"**
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  • This is the first The Patrick Star Show DVD release.
  • The following episodes were released on this DVD before airing on American television:
  • This is the first season set to have select episodes missing additional language dubs, as previous season/volume sets either included them on all episodes, or none at all.



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