Encyclopedia SpongeBobia
Encyclopedia SpongeBobia

The Nick Dictionary is a Nickelodeon-branded book that was published on July 28, 2005 by Chronicle Books.


The world of words comes to life in The Nick Dictionary! This dictionary is a language-building resource with hundreds of words to challenge and engage young readers. Fully illustrated and featuring favorite Nickelodeon characters, this 160-page picture dictionary is a valuable tool to help develop spelling, vocabulary, and language skills, one that both children and their families will enjoy.

Entries with SpongeBob characters

  • Accordion, actor, add, alphabet, artist, audience
  • Bake, balance, bandage, bank, baseball, bath, before, behind, big, bite, borrow, bowling, box, breakfast, bubble
  • Calculator, call, cat, chair, chew, climb, crab
  • Delicious, dentist, difficult, disguise, doctor, drink, drum
  • Easy, e-mail, emotion, excited, exercise, expect, extreme
  • Far, fast, favorite, feel, fishing, fizzy, Flip-Flops, full, fun, funny
  • Golf, grapefruit, grass
  • Hammock, hamster, headache, hear, helmet, high, hole, hurt
  • Identify, immediately, important, in, information, injure, inside, Internet
  • Jacket, jellyfish, job, joke
  • Karate
  • Language, late, lawyer, loud, low, lucky
  • March, month, motor
  • Name, nap, net, new
  • Oar, office, on, opposite, oyster
  • Paint, park, pillow, pilot, pirate (very obvious), plan, police officer, pom-pom, pull, push
  • Question, quick
  • Rainbow, read, referee, rhyme, ride, run
  • Sad, sand, scientist, sea, sea horse, secret, see, send, shape, shave, shell, shoes, sight, silly, ski, skirt, sleep, slow, smile, snowman, sometimes, song, space, sprinkler, squirrel, steer, strong, student, suitcase, sunglasses, swim, sword
  • Telescope, tentacle, thank, thirsty, throne, tie, today, together, toilet, tool, toothbrush, tricycle
  • Ugly, ukulele, under, underwear, unicycle, university, up, upside down, use
  • Vacation, vacuum cleaner, vehicle, verb, very
  • Warm, weak, wonderful, word, worry, wrap, wrestling
  • Yacht, year, yearn, yodel, yoga
  • Zany, zippy, zoom