"The Legend of SpongeBob" is a SpongeBob SquarePants Legends of Bikini Bottom short. In this short, the legend of SpongeBob is told.



The short starts off with a medieval version of SpongeBob pulling a medieval spatula from a rock. The narrator says that SpongeBob has a gift. SpongeBob becomes a legend with a "cool hairdo" and "biceps."

At night, SpongeBob has a vision of a Krabby Patty and takes a bite to find that this sandwich is the best in the land. He prepares one million Krabby Patties with a secret recipe and gives it to all of the villagers in the land while they all chant his name.

Then, SpongeBob wakes up from his daydream to hear Squidward chanting his name saying that they need a Krabby Patty. SpongeBob then ends the short by saying "Oh, yay verily Squidward!"



 ) Associated production music
 ) Original music
 ) SpongeBob music

  ? - Sean Charmatz, Eban Schletter [Plays throughout]




Cultural references

  • When SpongeBob pulls a spatula from a rock, it is a reference to the story A Sword in the Stone, where Arthur pulled Excalibur from a stone and became King of England.
    • It could also be an allusion to the master sword in The Legend of Zelda series, which would explain the similarity between the episode's title and the series.
    • This event is similar to what happened in the episode "Neptune's Spatula."
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