This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants SpongeBob Gold short "The Krabby Patty Chronicles: The Haunted Halls of Nickelodeon," which aired on October 13, 2017 (Greece).

  • Flipper: This week was really something else! It began when Jagger and I were talking about the upcoming holiday: Halloween. Jagger started telling me about how every year, he carves a jack-o-lantern, and puts it out on the front doorstep at night. I asked him where he usually gets his pineapples from. He said, what do you mean pineapple? Don't you mean pumpkin? Turns out, their jack-o-lanterns are made out of pumpkin, not pineapple. Talk about cultural differences!
  • Flipper: The next day, when I was telling Felicia about the crazy pumpkin jack-o-lanterns, Felicia said she hates Halloween: it's just too scary for her! I told her, I don't even know what scary is, and that I've never been scared in my whole life. She said, never? I said never. Then, Felicia said she's heard about the ghost of Nickelodeon, who's been seen roaming the office halls late at night. There was even a cleaning woman who disappeared, never to be seen again! I said she's crazy if she believes that, but between you and me, it sounded really scary!
  • Flipper: Needless to say, I was not pleased when I realized I'd left some slime on my desk: I promised Jagger I would hook him up with some real Nickelodeon slime. When I entered the halls, the place was already much more scary than during the day. [woman screaming]
  • Flipper: OK, so they got me. When I told Felicia I'd never been scared, I was just trying to hide the fact that I'm quite easily scared. We all had a good laugh! The next day was Halloween! I dressed as a pirate, because the Flying Dutchman is the scariest guy around Bikini Bottom. Jagger dressed as SpongeBob, and Felicia dressed as the ghost of Nickelodeon. We all went trick or treating together. I prefer to call it treating together, because I had enough tricks for one week. So, there it is. Another day in the life of a big-city Krabby Patty. Let us see what tomorrow brings!
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