"The Krabby Patty Chronicles: Flipper Finds a Sport" is a SpongeBob SquarePants [[List of shorts#|]]. In this short, Flipper and Jagger try to find a sport, which Flipper can easily play.



Flipper watches Jagger bottle flipping outside of his house. After congratulating him, he also tries to do it, but this results in the bottle flying away, as Flipper's arms are too strong, based on the fact that he is used to move through heavy water.

After another failure with him missing the bottles, Jagger tosses to him. Because things in Bikini Bottom move slowly, Jagger starts trying to find a sport that Flipper can master.

The first sport is table tennis, at which Flipper is not good first, due to his arms. However, with Jagger persuading him to take it easier, he manages to master this sport.

In the next sport, tennis (which Flipper calls Tennis Tennis), the balls fly away as Flipper still cannot control the strength of his arms.

Then, Jagger gets the idea of playing badminton, a sport where Flipper, even if he hits the birdie way too hard, it still does not fly away. Also, this reminds him of jellyfishing in Bikini Bottom.

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