The Housesitter is the first comic of SpongeBob Comics #10.



Mr. Krabs is shown struggling and asking for SpongeBob's help. It then shows SpongeBob helping Mr. Krabs get his suitcase shut. Mr. Krabs thanks SpongeBob. SpongeBob tells Mr. Krabs to have a good trip and that he has chosen the right person to watch Mr. Krabs' house. Mr. Krabs says that he knows that he did. He thinks to himself that he chose the only person who would do it for free. Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to not let anyone in the house while he is gone. He asks SpongeBob if he understands. SpongeBob says that he does. Mr. Krabs then leaves. He quickly double checks that SpongeBob understands and he says that he does. SpongeBob walks away, saying that he is proud that Mr. Krabs has confidence in SpongeBob, but Mr. Krabs triple checks that SpongeBob understands by putting his head through the window. SpongeBob says that he does. SpongeBob says that Mr. Krabs couldn't have asked a more capable person. He hears the phone ring and answers. He starts to say that Mr. Krabs is on vacation, but Mr. Krabs interrupts him, quadruple checking if SpongeBob understands. SpongeBob says that he does.

Outside, a fish is behind a nearby rock, watching Mr. Krabs leave. The fish notices that Mr. Krabs has packed for a trip and says that he has been waiting for his chance to break into Krabs' anchor. The fish goes to the window and thinks to himself that because Mr. Krabs is too cheap for a good security system, he will have the window open quickly. However, SpongeBob opens the window to get fresh water into the anchor, which causes the window to hit the fish. The fish thinks to himself that he should have known that Mr. Krabs has someone watching his valuable items. The fish looks in the window and thinks to himself that SpongeBob doesn't look too bright. SpongeBob wonders what to do. He gets an idea. He says that if he cleans up, Mr. Krabs will be really impressed. The fish thinks to himself that the cleaning will keep SpongeBob busy.

Inside the bathroom, SpongeBob notices the rug and wonders when it was last cleaned. On the rug, a sand flea says, "Hey! What's the big yellow guy staring at?" Another sand flea says, "Doesn't look too bright." Outside, the fish thinks that SpongeBob is coming back to the window with a vacuum, so he will look around the other side. He finds the bathroom window, which is wide open. He is glad that it is. SpongeBob waves the rug around to clean it. He is singing a song while he does it. The sand fleas get in the fish's eyes. He says that they sting. On the ground, three fleas are walking away. One of them says, "C'mon, guys. Back to the Chum Bucket." Another flea says, "Ugh! No way! I'm disgusting, but I ain't desperate."

Later, the fish thinks that SpongeBob is trying to keep the fish away. He says that he will have to resort to other methods. Inside, SpongeBob is wearing a headset, which is attached to an MP3 player. SpongeBob says that music makes the workload lighter. Outside, the fish digs through his bag and puts on a meter reader disguise. The meter reader goes to the door and rings the doorbell. He waits for a bit, whistling. He rings the doorbell again and is angry. He wonders were SpongeBob is. He goes to a window. He sees that SpongeBob is washing dishes. The meter reader says that he will go to a closer window and get his attention. When the meter reader is at the window, he waits for SpongeBob to see the meter reader. When SpongeBob sees the meter reader, SpongeBob gets scared and sprays water on the meter reader. SpongeBob apologizes and asks, "Can I help you?" The meter reader says that he is there to read the meters. SpongeBob is confused. Eventually, the meter reader explains that he is here to read the gas meter. SpongeBob says, "Right. Of course. Silly me." SpongeBob says that the meter is in the back. The meter reader thanks SpongeBob. SpongeBob says, "No problem. Have a great day!" The meter reader says, "Hey, you too buddy." He then goes to the meter and looks at it. He then remembers that he is not a real meter reader.

Nearby, with Mr. Krabs, he goes over his checklist again. He says that he has his ticket, reservation and his pajamas. He remembers something that he forgot. He then runs back to his anchor because he forgot his floss. The meter reader notices that Mr. Krabs is coming back. He then says that he will have to take the direct approach if he wants to get in.

Inside, SpongeBob is scrubbing the floor, singing a song. Outside, Mr. Krabs screams for SpongeBob help. He goes outside and Mr. Krabs, who is being held by the meter reader, tells SpongeBob to help him. SpongeBob asks what the fish wants. Mr. Krabs says that he will ask the meter reader what he wants. The meter reader says that he wants Mr. Krabs loot and is going to shake it out of him. He then does so. Eventually, the meter reader runs away with Mr. Krabs' wallet, saying that he has it and that he is a genius. He then stops to see what's in it. He sees a smaller wallet. After a while, he says that they just get smaller and smaller. Back with SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs, he says that the wallet gag will keep the meter reader busy. He points out that the wallet never leaves his clenched fist. It is attacked to a chain and lock. Mr. Krabs asks why SpongeBob is so happy. He says that he never let the robber never got into the house.


SpongeBob Comics No. 10 (VE)

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