The Guy on the Penny is seen in the episode "Truth or Square" as an Abraham Lincoln impersonator played by Dave Allen.


He is a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln. He wears a tuxedo, a black tie, and a black top hat. He hides a SpongeBob plush toy under his hat.

Role in episode

He was going to be a part of Patchy the Pirate's SpongeBob SquarePants tenth anniversary special as a guest star. He is introduced only as "the Guy on the Penny," without any mention of Abraham Lincoln's name. After Patchy crashes into the Fancy Studios green room, the Guy on the Penny asks Patchy if he is okay. He later shows Patchy his plush toy of SpongeBob to demonstrate how SpongeBob can be seen "everywhere."


  • Although he was referred to by his "Guy On The Penny" nickname, the credits of "Truth or Square" credit him as his real name, Abe Lincoln.


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