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The Great Snail Race, also called The Running of The Snalis, is a snail race held annually at Oyster Stadium in Bikini Bottom. It is held during the episode of the same name, the book with the same name and Meow...Like a Snail?! and the game with the same name.


In the episode, SpongeBob hears about this snail race and decides to train Gary as hard as he can so he could win it. There were three contestants who were competing in the race; Rocky, Gary and Snellie. When the race begins, Snellie starts going, but Gary doesn't because he is exhausted, along with Rocky. SpongeBob however motivates Gary as much as he can so he could win. While Gary is competing, his eyes burst into a balloon and his shell breaks open, revealing a car engine and he spins out of control, leaving skid marks. SpongeBob realizes his mistake and tells Gary he can stop now, but Gary keeps on going, leading to him losing control, hitting the wall and explode completely. An upset SpongeBob runs to Gary, and Snellie, almost about to win, decides to turn back to Gary and they both instantly fall in love with each other. While this is happening, Rocky wins the race, which Squidward sees. Patrick, the owner of Rocky, obtains the trophy, but decides to give to Squidward, since he knew that Squidward wanted to win. However, the trophy has Squidward's name misspelled as "Squidward Tortellini."

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