The Evil That Mendu! is the second comic of SpongeBob Comics Annual Super-Giant Swimtacular No. 1.



Squidward goes to fetch his mail, but is suddenly blasted in the face by water as soon as he opens his mailbox. Patrick, who is acting as a superhero named "Wonderful Guy," saves Squidward, but he realizes that Patrick rigged his mailbox in order to cause trouble that he can solve. SpongeBob, now known as "Secret Man," swings into Squidward's house as part of his superheroism, and Squidward decides to go inside his house and wait out the chaos.

However, SpongeBob and Patrick spend hours acting as superheroes, and Squidward has had enough. The heroes hear a cry for help, and it turns out that Squidward has become the villain Mendu, and is threatening a lifelike doll of Squidward unless the heroes go away. Secret Man and Wonderful Guy, not realizing that Squidward is Mendu and that the captive is a doll, surrender and leave. Squidward is ecstatic that his plan worked, and he runs for the mailbox as SpongeBob and Patrick secretly return to rescue the doll.

Squidward opens the mailbox and starts reading his issue of Reeds Today, when a mousetrap hidden in the magazine suddenly snaps closed on his nose. Realizing who hid the mousetrap, Squidward then comments that the heroes are in trouble when they return.



  • The end of the comic features a notice about the pull-out poster on the next page, which features Mendu.
  • In the second panel of page 2, a cup of spilled coffee randomly appears out of nowhere when Squidward is getting blasted by water.

Cultural references


  • When Squidward exits his house for the first time, the floor of the house is made of sand instead of the wooden floor it normally has. The house's footpath is also stone instead of wood.
  • As states above, a spilled cup of coffee randomly appears when Squidward gets attacked by the rigged mailbox.
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