The Drastic Radicals (also known as the Drasticals) are a group consisting of Johnny Krill, Grand Maul Granny, and Not Dead Ted. They appear in the episode "Extreme Spots."


Johnny Krill

Johnny Krill is a light red krill with a dark red nose and fin. He wears a white T-shirt that is too short for his body and blue shorts. He appears to have a 6-pack (He is probably like this because he did so many extreme sports). He wears green shoes and a green helmet.

Grand Maul Granny

Grand Maul Granny is a light green, wrinkled old fish. She has gray hair that sprouts from both sides of her head. She wears an orangish red dress with rifled ends and red shoes. She wears glasses and a blue helmet.

Not Dead Ted

Not Dead Ted is a purple fish who walks with his arms hung in front of his body. He wears dark green shoes, red goggles, and a bright blue helmet. When performing some tricks, he has a very long tongue that comes out of his mouth, such as flying, and jump rope.
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