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Online game

The Dark Abyss is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


The player plays as SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, or Plankton and descends into an abyss. The player must keep a light on as they fall by collecting light tokens, as well as avoid jellyfish and bumping into walls, which make the light lose power. As the game progresses the player's character is sucked into different parts of the abyss, each part being darker than the last. The game ends when the player's light goes out.


  • Kelp appears on the walls during the game. If the player gets too close their character will get tangled in it and the game ends.
  • Power-ups also appear in the form of lifesavers with the player's character on it. It has different effects depending on the character used. SpongeBob pushes jellyfish away, Patrick destroys jellyfish and kelp, Sandy use her rocket boots to slow the fall, and Plankton becomes invincible to jellyfish and kelp.
  • In the second level, Red Jellyfish start appearing.
  • In the fourth level, Black and red-spotted Jellyfish start apearing.

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