The Coming of the Golden Kelp! is the fifth comic of SpongeBob Comics Annual Super-Giant Swimtacular No. 1.



The comic is narrated by Plankton, who talks about another of his plans to get the Krabby Patty secret formula. After breaking into the Krusty Krab on a rocket, he finds out that he actually stole Mr. Krabs' to-do list instead of the formula. His rocket then malfunctions as he escapes, causing him to crash into a bed of kelp.

As he lay there, battered and bruised, Plankton talks about strange creatures made of kelp emerging from the kelp bed to help him. After the creatures heal him, they teach him the art of kelp-kwan-foo and help guide him towards serenity. Plankton says that the creatures' teachings have transformed him and infused him with kelp power, and he states to the kelp that he would use these powers for good.

However, Plankton reveals that he lied to the creatures, and that he is going to use his powers to try and steal the Krabby Patty secret formula again. He goes to a crowd of Bikini Bottomites and says that as the Golden Kelp, he will steal the formula, but he is so small that the crowd accidentally squashes him, ending his reign as the Golden Kelp.



  • This is one of few times that Pearl's birthday is mentioned.

Cultural references


  • In the last panel of the comic, Plankton isn't wearing his Golden Kelp outfit.
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