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The Clam Prix is a video game released in 2012 for the Leapster Explorer and later for many other LeapFrog consoles. It stars SpongeBob competing in a race called the Clam Prix against several of his friends.


The game is a racing game that has an emphasis on spelling. Like other racing games, it contains multiple items, tracks, and characters that each have different statistics. The races usually revolve around collecting Letter Bubbles to spell words for items or opening shortcuts.



Power-ups can help racers slow down opponents and can be gotten by breaking Krabby Patty secret formula bottles, completely spelling a word, going through certain gates, or catching jellyfish.

  • Patty Boost: Gives the player a small speed boost.
  • Neptune's Spatula: Shocks all on-screen opponents.
  • Bubble Shield: Protects your racer from spinning out.
  • Oil Slick: Creates an oil slick that spins out any racer that touches it.
  • Anchor Drag: Creates a jellyfish net that catches opponents and slows them down.
  • Life Preserver: It bounces on walls and can hit a racer to spin them out.
  • Coins: Collectables that can be earned by driving into them in races or playing the Spelling Garage. They can be used to unlock characters.
  • Treasure Chest: An item that appears in races and makes coins appear when the player runs into it.


Tracks come in three types: Build a Word (Gadget 3), Letter Gates (Gadget 2), and Jellyfishing (Gadget 4). Also, each course has a backwards version.


Gadgets are the educational aspects of the game. Each gadget is different and gets more difficult when the player performs better on it.

  • Gadget 1 (Staging Light) - This appears at the beginning of a race. The narrator tells you to spell a word and you must tap the correct letter on the starting light to get a bigger boost. The more letters you get correctly, the bigger the starting boost.
  • Gadget 2 (Letter Gates) - This appears during a race. In it, the player must collect a Letter Bubble and drive through a gate. There are two gates that have two different letters. The player must drive through the one whose letters, when combined with the letters on the Letter Bubble, spell a real word. This gives the player a power-up, reveals a shortcut, or makes your ramp jump higher.
  • Gadget 3 (Build a Word) - This appears during a race. In it, the player must collect Letter Bubbles in order to spell a word. When the player completes a word, they get a power-up. Letter Bubbles on these kinds of races won't appear anymore if the player is close to finishing the 3rd lap.
  • Gadget 4 (Jellyfishing) - This appears in a race. In it, the player must collect jellyfish that have correctly spelled words. If the player gets the answer correctly, they get an item. If the player is incorrect, they get stung. To complete a race with this gadget, the player must collect 10 jellyfish and cross the finish line.
  • Gadget 5 (Clamshell Garage/Spelling Garage) - This appears in between cups and can be played on the main menu. The narrator will tell the player to tap the missing letter or letter pair from a word in 3 minutes. Jellyfish will try to steal the lug nuts, but the player can shoo them away by tapping them. Afterwards, there is a bonus round where the player needs to tap on as many lug nuts as they can in 30 seconds and earn more coins.


Badges can be earned by doing certain tasks in the game. When a badge is earned, medals can be applied to the player's LeapFrog account.

  • As Seen on T.V. - Finish 5 races as SpongeBob
  • Sandy's Rocket - Finish 5 races as Sandy
  • Squid's Day Off - Finish 5 races as Patrick
  • Imitation Krabs - Finish 5 races as Mr. Krabs
  • Planktonian! - Finish 5 races as Plankton
  • Giant Squidward - Finish 5 races as Squidward
  • Something Smells - Unlock all Characters
  • Driven to Tears - Complete a lesson in Racing School
  • Bottom Feeder - Finish the Pineapple Cup
  • Home Sweet Pineapple - Get the gold cup in the Pineapple Cup
  • Nasty Patty - Finish the Krabby Patty Cup
  • Patty Hype - Get the gold cup in the Krabby Patty Cup
  • Welcome to the Chum Bucket - Finish the Sea Star Cup
  • Got Your Sea Legs - Get the gold cup in the Sea Star Cup
  • Conch and Coral - Finish the Coral Cup
  • They ate coral? - Get the gold cup in the Coral Cup
  • The Golden Underpants - Get gold on all cups
  • World Tour - Unlock all tracks
  • Party Pooper Pants - Use the Oil Slick power-up
  • No Free Rides - Use Neptune's Spatula power-up
  • Anchors Aweigh! - Use the Anchor Drag power-up
  • Bubble Buddy - Use the Bubble Shield power-up
  • The Sponge Who Could Fly - Use the Patty Boost power-u
  • I'm Your Biggest Fanatic - Use power-ups 20 times
  • Lighten Up - Clear Gadget 1
  • Oh Barnacles! - Clear Gadget 2
  • F.U.N.! - Clear Gadget 3
  • Come along, Jeffrey - Clear Gadget 4
  • Garage Repairfish - Clear Gadget 5
  • Quickstart McGillicutty - Clear Gadget 1 five times
  • Pearly Gates - Clear Gadget 2 five times
  • Spelleriffic! - Clear Gadget 3 five times
  • Jellyfish Jam! - Clear Gadget 4 five times
  • Help Wanted - Clear Gadget 5 five times
  • Best Day Ever - Collect 1000 Coins in total
  • WiseBob SmartPants - Get 10 CA's (Correct Answers) in a row
  • Krabs a la Mode - Use any Micromode

Downloadable content

Expansion pack

The expansion pack for the game contains:

  • Gary as a playable character
  • Glove World! track
  • Fiery Fist o' Pain track
  • New title screen

The details of the expansion pack can be viewed by pressing Gary on the main menu. If it is already installed, the narrator will say that the pack has been installed.


As the name suggests, these are mods that make small changes to the game.

  • New music for SpongeBob's Neighborhood
  • New music for Kelp Forest
  • New music for Jellyfish Fields


  • The game's title is a parody of "The Grand Prix."
  • An image on LeapFrog's website shows the character select screen, but instead of showing SpongeBob's name, it displays "Underwater Heartbreaker 2."
  • An edited version of the "Chocolate with Nuts" title card can be seen on a billboard.
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