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If you were looking for the article about the music track with a similar name, then see Bubble Popping Boys.

The Bubble Poppin' Boys are a street gang from New Kelp City and the main antagonists of the episode "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?" Only the leader speaks, and he was voiced by guest star Ray Liotta.

The gang beats up the people of New Kelp City whenever they blow bubbles. They were flown away in a giant bubble by SpongeBob.


They all have black pompadour haircuts, black leather motorcycle jackets with their logo on the back, t-shirts, jeans, and brown cowboy boots. Their leader has orange scales and can make a claw grow out of his pinky finger.

Three of the other Bubble Poppin' Boys have similar appearances, yet one has green scales, one has purple, and one has red. Another member of the gang is a yellowish-beige color and he is considerably more muscular than the other members.


They scared everyone in New Kelp City into never blowing bubbles. They hated bubbles since whenever they popped, it would sting their eyes. Whenever people break their rules, they beat them up for it, and the town never blows bubbles out of fear of the gang coming.

Role in episodes

"What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"

When amnesiac SpongeBob breaks the rule, they confront him and prepare to carry out their practice, but he runs off with them pursuing him. Eventually, SpongeBob sends them out of the city by blowing a giant bubble, trapping them inside it as it floats out of the town.

"Glove World R.I.P."

The green fish from the gang appears as the Glove World! mascot, Glovey Glove.


  • They share their name with a piece of production music which is also called "Bubble Poppin' Boys." Technically, it was used when they first appeared.
  • Their hairstyles, the way they dress, and the fact that they introduced themselves by snapping their fingers with tough facial expressions, are obvious references to West Side Story.
  • They are also similar to the T Birds from Grease.
  • The fact that they are a street gang in an obvious parody of New York City, as well as the fact that their leader is voiced by Ray Liotta, are references to Liotta's work in Goodfellas.