The Tenderizer is a boss who appears as an enemy in the video game SpongeBob's Truth or Square.


It is a purple and white robot with spikes on its head, making it resemble that of a mohawk. It has spiked hammers for hands, which double as cannons. Tenderizer's eye scheme is similar to most of Plankton's robots, and even Plankton himself: A single eye with a unibrow. However, unlike the robots, Tenderizer's eye doubles as his weak point: a white target with red stripes.

Role in game

During the events of the level "Santa, Santa, Santa!," Tenderizer can be seen in a frozen state to SpongeBob's right, after clearing a certain GumWad section. When SpongeBob reaches the end of the level, Tenderizer, who was previously seen frozen solid, breaks free from his icy prison and attacks SpongeBob. Tenderizer fires projectiles at the player from far away, and is his only attack until the player actually gets close to the bot. Tenderizer will swap out his cannons for his spiked mallet hands and will attempt to pound SpongeBob with them two times. After that, he will raise both of his mallets up into the air and prepare to smash a third time.

Unfortunately for Tenderizer, this reveals his weak point: the target in his mouth. SpongeBob must hit the target with a slam, spin, or blast to damage the robot, and it is the only way to damage the boss. Tenderizer will recoil, then take a few moments to charge up an attack where he smashes his mallets together from the side. This is to prevent SpongeBob from continuously damaging him. The boss takes six hits to defeat, and once his health gauge is depleted, Tenderizer will spin in circles before falling forward and exploding into bits. The wooden clarinet happiness object will appear, and the level will be completed.

In the DS version, Tenderizer and Demento Bot switch places, with Demento becoming the boss of the Freezer and Tenderizer becoming the boss of Kelp Forest. In this version, SpongeBob and Sandy reach a certain part of Kelp Forest, which has an empty circle with no kelp inside of it. SpongeBob and Sandy prepare to practice karate, but Tenderizer intervenes and attacks SpongeBob.

Tenderizer's fight has changed quite a bit in the DS version, with him no longer using his cannons one at a time, but rather together. Tenderizer is also rather mobile, unlike the console/PSP versions, where he is stationary throughout the entire fight. His mallet attack has also changed; instead of attempting to smash SpongeBob when he gets too close to him, he will charge in a straight line and smash anything in his path after using his cannon attack.

Tenderizer is, however, doomed again with the same weakness: the target in his mouth. The player must hit this target 5 times to defeat the boss. After the damage is dealt, Tenderizer will explode, and the karate gear is given to SpongeBob as his prize.


  • Explosive cannon shot
  • Singular mallet attack
  • Double mallet attack
  • Side mallet attack
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