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This is the {{Ombox}} ([O]ther pages [m]essage [box]) metatemplate.

It is used to build message box templates for pages of the types User, Wikipedia, MediaWiki, Template, Help, Portal and any new future namespaces; i.e. for page types not covered by {{Ambox}}, {{Tmbox}}, {{Imbox}} or {{Cmbox}}. Thus, it should not be used for boxes for articles, talk pages, image pages or category pages.

This template works almost exactly like {{Ambox}} and uses the same parameters.


Template:Anchor As noted above, this template should be used for message boxes that are not articles, talk pages, image pages or category pages. Some message boxes for other pages may incorrectly use one of those four mentioned. Feel free to convert any message boxes used on "other pages" to use this meta-template. If you find any tricky cases then list them on the talk page of this template and you'll get help.

When this template is used to build other pages message boxes those boxes should contain explanatory texts just like before. (The same texts as before or new improved texts.) If there are more specific images in the boxes or you know a better image, then use them instead of the default images shown here.


Simple usage example:

| text      = Some text.

Complex example:

| type      = style
| image     = [[File:Emblem-question-yellow.svg|40px]]
| style     = width: 400px; 
| textstyle = color: red; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;
| text      = The message body text.

Other pages message box types

The following examples use different type parameters but use no image parameters; thus, they use the default images for each type.


Some examples using the "notice" style: