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Description and usage

This template is used to create article management templates.

Use {{notice2|<...>}} on a template page, filling in the various options. The created template is then used at the top of various wiki pages to notify the user of issues.

Article management boxes should be used sparingly, as it can get in the way of content.

Named parameters

image for use on the left, defaults to Image:Wiki.png. Takes full image code, e.g. [[Image:Wiki.png|50px]]. The image box area has a limit of 60px width.
top line text
list of extra info



| type = I am type
| info = I am info
I am type

I am info

With image

| image = [[Image:Example.jpg|50px]]
| type = I am type
| info =
* I am info
I am type
  • I am info

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