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Copy and Paste the following to a species page and fill in the information. Information will only show up if parameter is in use and it is allowed to fill or "designs" parameter or "image parameters", not both. Note: For the classification use the official non-scientific name. Also, only do the classifations above the actual classification of that page.

|name = 
|image = 
|image size = 
|image hover = 
|caption = 
|designs = 
|types =
|colors = 
|kingdom = 
|phylum = 
|subphylum = 
|class = 
|subclass = 
|order = 
|suborder = 
|family = 
|subfamily =
|tribe =
|genus = 
|first appearance = 
|last appearance = 
|portrayers = 

Usage & preview

Type in this:

|image size=
|image hover=
|first appearance=
|last appearance=

to see this:

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