Dale (born August 5, 1991) is a relatively small, brownish fish with a red muscle shirt. Dale was Sandy's badminton partner. They played together against SpongeBob and Patrick. It was found out shortly thereafter that Dale was a convicted felon. He was handcuffed, arrested and sent to jail for violating his parole by eating candy, like Quasi-Gummy Fish . It was also found out in Ditchin' that Dale had been a good boating school student until he ditched class, and since then he has lived "the lonely life of a criminal".


  • Dale was arrested for "eating his own kind", but in the episode, "The Fry Cook Games", oil was splashed on a number of people from the audience and Lou was selling them as fish sticks.
  • Dale was arrested, but in future episodes, he can be seen out of jail.
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