This template is for producing special characters.


The following is the syntax for the templates:

First, define if you want a lowercase or uppercase. This is the first part of the template. If it is uppercase, put Cap. If it is lowercase, put Lwr. The second part is the letter itself. Determine if you are use the letter "o." No matter if it is lowercase or uppercase, you use the lowercase version for this second part. The last part is the accent name itself. The list is here:


if grave (`), use grave
if acute (´), use acute
if circumflex (ˆ), use circumflex
if tilde ( ͂ ), use tilde
if umlaut (¨), use doubledot
if ring (˚), use ring
if cedilla (̧ ), use cedilla


{{Accent|Lwr o circumflex}}, you get "ô."
{{Accent|Cap e grave}}, you get "È."

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